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Georgia lawmaker carrying thousands in storm relief donations shot behind adult cinema

January 29, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Georgia lawmaker carrying thousands in storm relief donations shot behind adult cinema

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A Georgia lawmaker who was carrying thousands of dollars in storm relief donations said that he was shot in the leg during a burglary behind an adult movie theater.

Republican Gerald Greene of Cuthbert stopped for gas at a convenience store in Columbus, Georgia when he was shot in the leg, a spokesperson for Georgia’s House Speaker initially stated.

Surveillance video shows the 69-year-old man limping into the convenience store, though he later told WRBL that he was parked behind Foxes Cinema, an adult theater when he was shot, the Ledger-Enquirer reported.

Greene said that he has previously visited the cinema, which Cruisinggays.com says is popular among men ranging in ages from 18 to 40 and features booths where patrons can socialize with each other.

He claimed that he did not attend the cinema on Thursday, and was instead going to the liquor store two shops away from where he was parked.

Eyewitnesses told WRBL that the man drove to the liquor store before getting out of his vehicle and then employees called for help.

A Columbus Police Department report obtained by the Daily News indicated that Greene said that his iPhone was stolen.

Greene told WRBL that the robber, who purportedly pointed a gun at his chest and demanded money, did not take the donation to the American Red Cross that the man was holding.

The Georgia lawmaker was later discharged from the hospital and returned to his hometown of Cuthbert, which is part of the area affected by storms and tornados that occurred last weekend.

It is not clear how much money Greene, a longtime assemblyman and chairman of the State Properties Committee, was carrying or why he was personally managing the donation money.

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