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Deported Italian heroin trafficker caught sneaking across U.S.-Mexico Border

January 30, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Deported Italian heroin trafficker caught sneaking across U.S.-Mexico Border

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A formerly deported Italian heroin trafficker has been apprehended trying to enter the U.S. by sneaking across the Mexican border illegally. The man was originally deported after he served time in federal prison in connection with violent assaults and drug trafficking.

The apprehension occurred near the city of Nogales, Arizona, where Border Patrol agents captured Salvatore Marciante as he tried to sneak across the border, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials said in a statement.

After he was arrested, officers searched Marciante’s criminal history and verified that he had been a legal resident who had been living in New York until he was convicted in 1995 when he lost his legal standing. After serving several years behind bars, he was deported back to Italy.

CBP officials said Marciante is a previously convicted Italian heroin trafficker who had traveled to Mexico in an attempt to sneak into the U.S. through Nogales, Arizona.

Marciante was deported back in September 2004, from New York. He is currently facing charges of illegal re-entry in Tucson, Arizona.

He was originally identified in a multi-count indictment filed in 1994, which accused him and 12 other members of Italian organized crime members of distributing and trafficking narcotics out of a pizzeria in New York’s midtown Manhattan.

Many of the records listed in the court proceedings remain sealed. Unsealed court documents indicated that federal agents arrested Marciante in September 1994, and his bond was set at $1 million on October 6, 1994.

While behind bars, Marciante and several other members of the same organization were charged in a separate indictment in connection with a string of armed robberies targeting various New York restaurants.

The charges were filed in June 1999, while Marciante was already behind bars for the drug charges. For unexplained reasons, the indictment and many court records remain sealed by the court.

By April 2000, Marciante pleaded guilty to various counts of interference with commerce by violence in relation to the thefts. For that case, the man was sentenced to serve five years in prison; however, the prison term was set to run concurrently with the previous case.


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