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Two Mexican military officers caught smuggling arms for Los Zetas cartel

January 30, 2017  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Two Mexican military officers caught smuggling arms for Los Zetas cartel

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Authorities in Mexico busted two members of the military transporting a shipment of arms destined for Tamaulipas and the Los Zetas drug cartel, officials said.

Mexican military police arrested the two servicemen, both lieutenants in the Army at a checkpoint in Hidalgo, Tamaulipas after authorities discovered the officers were carrying a shipment of military-grade firearms in the back of a late model pickup truck over the weekend.

Officials said the two lieutenants identified as Jose Manuel Nuñes Santiago and Ambrosio Salgado Brito confessed to receiving payment of 100 thousand pesos for transporting the arms from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon to a contact outside their detachment in the Tamaulipas capital city of Ciudad Victoria.

According to Proceso, the contact has since been identified as Pancho Carreón, a regional leader of the ultra-violent Los Zetas faction known as the Old School Zetas operating in the municipality of Xicoténcatl.

Ciudad Victoria has remained ground zero for a horrific cartel war following a violent split within the Zetas criminal organization.

Among the weapons seized by Mexican law enforcement included:

2-AR-15 assault rifles
11-AK-47 assault rifles
2-9 mm pistols
4 chargers for 7.62 x 51
61 AK-47 chargers
4-chargers 9mm
106-AR-15 chargers
710-cartridges 5.56mm
59-cartridges 9mm

The state prosecutor ‘s office has taken the custody of the officers, weapons, and vehicle indicated they would likely transfer custody of the detainees over to the Military Prosecutor’s Office and Mexico’s Federal Police for further investigation and subsequent charges.

The arrest is the latest indication of the systematic corruption that has plagued the military branch in comparison to their Marine counterparts, which U.S. Law enforcement agencies have viewed as less corruptible and more of a reliable partner in the war against the drug cartels.

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