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Pennsylvania gang member Jeffrey Knoble found guilty of murdering friend

February 1, 2017  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Pennsylvania gang member Jeffrey Knoble found guilty of murdering friend Jeffrey Knoble (left) convicted of killing Andrew 'Beep' White (Left)

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A Pennsylvania jury has found a purported gang member on trial for the murder of a good Samaritan who rented a Pennsylvania motel room for him, then videotaping the body and saying “I do what I want,” of first-degree murder on Tuesday.

Jurors deliberated for 1½ hours before returning a verdict of guilty for 26-year-old Jeffrey Knoble on the charge of first-degree murder in Northampton County Court.

Knoble was acquitted of robbery in connection with the death of Andrew “Beep” White in March 2015.

The jury will begin deliberation proceedings Wednesday to decide whether Knoble should receive the death penalty or life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Jeffrey Knoble who was also convicted of weapons charges had his argument that he “snapped” after White sexually assaulted him rejected by the jury.

First Deputy District Attorney Terence Houck said Knoble’s own words, captured on one of two videos he recorded over White’s body, showed his callousness and was the reason prosecutors would seek capital punishment against the defendant.

“He’s laughing and announcing to the world, ‘I do what I want,’ He’s taking a selfie. … He’s like the director in his own little movie,” Houck said.

Gavin Holihan, Knoble’s defense attorney, told jurors his client acted in the “heat of passion” but never intended to kill White after he woke up from a four-day meth binge to find the other naked man next to him, touching him and kissing his neck, The Associated Press Reported.

Holihan blamed drugs, alcohol and “fear of being labeled a homosexual,” which for a gang member would be a sign of weakness as the reason for his horrible reaction.

Knoble testified that he “just snapped” and felt like he was on “autopilot” when he placed a pillow over White’s face and shot him in the head.

Prosecutors said evidence lacked showing any assault had taken place and argued Knoble had “executed him for the crime of being kind and generous.”

Additionally, Houck countered that Knoble recorded the videos to enhance the defendant’s reputation as a “tough guy.”

Knoble had several outbursts during previous proceedings, and was even ordered removed from the courtroom for disruptions during the prosecutor’s closing arguments and before the judge’s instructions to the jury.

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