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$3.3M in heroin confiscated during Philadelphia drug bust

February 3, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
$3.3M in heroin confiscated during Philadelphia drug bust

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Police in Philadelphia arrested three alleged drug dealers and seized $3.3-million in heroin as a result of a joint probe with the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Gheral Alavarez-Mercedes, 30; Zamary L. Roldan, 26; and Johel Pascal-Mateo, 26, have been charged with conspiracy and possession with intent to deliver, the District Attorney’s Office revealed on Thursday.

If convicted, each suspect could face up to 60 years behind bars.

“The more than 13 kilograms of heroin, with a street value of $3.3 million, is no longer on the streets of Philadelphia,” Seth Williams, the District Attorney, announced in a statement.

On January 24th, police who were watching Alavarez-Mercedes followed him. They saw him put a small white box in his vehicle. Officers pulled him over and discovered about three kilos of heroin in the box. Alavarez-Mercedes was subsequently arrested, ABC6 reported.

As Alavarez-Mercedes was pulled over, detectives at the same property on Bingham Street saw a woman, later identified as Roldan, leaving the home with an infant, a container, a diaper bag, and a handbag.

Police stopped her, and she consented to have her car inspected.

Officers found four racks of glassine packets of heroin, $5,000 cash and the container, which held 18.4 pounds of heroin. Roldan was arrested, and arrangements were made for relatives to take custody of the infant.

Authorities have arrested three people and confiscated $3.3-million worth of heroin

Alavarez-Mercedes provided officers with consent to search his home on Bingham Street, and they seized .5 kilograms of heroin, packaging supplies, and scales. They also found passports for Alavarez-Mercedes and Roldan, along with 13 fake $100 bills.

Investigators realized that Alavarez-Mercedes had made arrangements to meet with Pascal-Mateo.

The DA revealed that Pascal-Mateo was to bring the three kilos of heroin to New York City via the Geraldo Transport Service. Law enforcement stopped Pascal-Mateo near the Geraldo Transport Service, arrested him and seized $485.

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