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Police in Colombia arrest “Frijolito,” a 17-year-old hitman responsible for 30 homicides

February 4, 2017  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Police in Colombia arrest “Frijolito,” a 17-year-old hitman responsible for 30 homicides

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Colombian authorities have arrested a teenaged hired assassin accused of taking part in over two dozen organized crime-related murders.

He is known only by his nickname “Frijolito,” or “Little Bean” which is believed to have been taken from a novel about Columbian hitmen.

Police could not disclose his name by law because he is still a minor but according to the Colombian law enforcement officials, this very dangerous young man has committed over 30 homicides since the age of 12 in the southwestern city of Cali, Animal Politico reported.

The 17-year-old mass murderer was arrested Monday in Cali, Colombia

Something unprecedented – at least in recent times – in a locality which was hard hit by drug trafficking in the past.

Authorities reported that the 17-year-old Sicario was captured in Cali on Monday. General Hugo Casas, Commander of the metropolitan police, said a four-month follow-up investigation culminated in the arrest of the teenage mass killer.

Officials said “Frijolito” led a ruthless drug gang called “Los del Ave.” The band of criminals have terrorized the city and were responsible for countless contract killings, including a recent double homicide back in September inside of a packed commercial shopping center in Cali.

“This child has more than 30 homicides in his assets, we will continue working to prosecute the accomplices,” Casas said.

The boy had lived with his parents in the Cauca region until he moved to Cali several years ago, where he developed a ruthless reputation as a contract hitman, Colombian officials said.

Authorities have taken “Frijolito” to a juvenile detention center where he will remain until he reaches the age of 18. He will then be transferred to an adult prison.

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