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Ohio inmate prime suspect in second prisoner death days after guilty plea for killing another inmate

February 7, 2017  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Ohio inmate prime suspect in second prisoner death days after guilty plea for killing another inmate

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An Ohio inmate was slain while traveling in a corrections agency van with other prisoners and guards aboard, a prosecutor said Monday.

Ross County Prosecutor Matthew Schmidt said the van was traveling back to the Ross County Correctional Institution in Chillicothe from Columbus on Wednesday afternoon when the murder occurred.

Schmidt added that corrections officers couldn’t see inmates inside the transport van.

Coroners have identified the slain victim as 61-year-old David Johnson, who was serving an eight-year sentence for sexual battery.

Additionally, Schmidt said that Johnson, an inmate at the Ross County prison, had been taken for medical treatment in Columbus and died during the return trip.

“When the bus arrived back in Ross County there was a dead inmate,” Schmidt said.

Officials said prisoners are seated handcuffed and chained in different sections of the van but can move from seat to seat within those sections.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol is investigating Johnson’s death as a homicide.

According to Cincinnati.com, the prime suspect is a Ross County inmate who pleaded guilty last week to killing a fellow prisoner in a Warren County prison.

As JammedUp News reported, 28-year-old Casey Pigge pleaded guilty in the February 2016 slaying of Luther Wade, 26, at Ohio’s Lebanon Correctional Institution.

Pigge plead guilty last week to killing fellow inmate Luther Wade back in February 2016

Pigge admitted to smashing a cement block over Wade’s head when he “wouldn’t die.”

Although police have yet to charge Pigge with Johnson’s strangulation death, the prosecutor that said he remains the primary suspect

“He’s very clearly the suspect in this,” Schmidt stated.

Police officials haven’t indicated why Pigge was headed to the Southern Ohio Maximum Security Correctional Facility in Lucasville.

Furthermore, the Warren County Prosecutor’s Office said when the 2016 death of Wade occurred, Pigge was already serving a 30 year to life sentence for killing another Ohio inmate in 2009 in Ross County.


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