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Burglar suing for NYC Police for $10 million after getting shot in the butt during Queens robbery

February 13, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Burglar suing for NYC Police for $10 million after getting shot in the butt during Queens robbery

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A career burglar who was shot in the butt by police, after he was caught in the commission of a robbery of a Queens, New York residence, is now requesting $10 million for his troubles.

Felix Perez, 38, is in custody at Rikers Island on assault and burglary charges and maintains that he’s unable to get a good night’s sleep.

Perez, who reportedly robbed watches, rings, earrings and a chain from the house, said in his suit filed in Manhattan Federal Court that he now experiences post-traumatic stress disorder and has
“nightmares of being killed by officers and fears anyone in uniform.”

The Crown Heights resident, who is representing himself, states in the lawsuit: “I was shot by an officer while trying to flee the scene of a burglary. I was unarmed and showed no intention of harming anyone nor did I make hand gestures indicating that I was armed or dangerous.”

Perez already had six theft arrests when police caught him in August sneaking into a home in Maspeth, the New York Post reported.

The resident saw a man walking through her child’s room on a live surveillance feed that she was watching on her phone and called authorities.

Perez is being held at Rikers Island on burglary and assault charges

In a neighbor’s video of the scene, police surround the two-story brick house where a woman is seen pacing outside.

An officer then enters the home through the front door. The woman went inside and returned with her dog.

“She was afraid for her dog the entire time,” NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce told the Daily News.

The burglar, who was sporting shorts and a Yankees cap, was still hiding inside when police entered.

An officer discovered Perez and shot him in the butt as they wrestled over a firearm.

The gunshot is heard in the video, which then shows Perez running out of the house.

A bloody Perez tried to flee as patrol cars arrived on the scene, forcing cops to pursue him through the neighborhood.

“I heard a shot and saw a guy with a mask and gloves run past,” Roy Johnston, 42, who lives across the street told the Daily News.

The bullet, which “barely missed my femural [sic] artery, urethra, and rectum,” remains lodged in his butt, Perez notes in the lawsuit.

He is set to appear in Queens Criminal Court next week.

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