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Arizona Border agents bust smugglers using drug catapult to launch bundles of weed over border

February 15, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Arizona Border agents bust smugglers using drug catapult to launch bundles of weed over border

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U.S. Border agents discovered the latest innovation unveiled by drug cartels after busting smugglers from Mexico using a makeshift drug catapult to propel bundles of weed over the border fence located near Douglas, Arizona.

According to a U.S Customs and Border Protection press release, on February 10th, agents guarding the area east of the Douglas Port of Entry noticed several individuals on the Mexican side of the fence who fled as soon as the Border Patrol agents tried to approach them.

When the officers arrived, they discovered a catapult system connected to the southern side of the fence.

The drug catapult was discovered on Feb.10th by U.S. Border agents

On the U.S. side, agents recovered two marijuana bundles that weighed approximately 47 pounds. Authorities were able to dismantle the drug catapult and contacted Mexican authorities since it was on their side of the fence, who later confiscated the device. The suspected smugglers managed to evade capture.

Smugglers have gone to great lengths to smuggle drugs into the U.S. in recent years, using catapults like the one discovered last week, along with ramps, semi-submersible boats, and ultralight aircraft.

Back in December 2016, border agents arrested two Arizona minors for their roles in a Mexican cartel air cannon drug operation.

A U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents worked to dismantle the drug catapult.

Authorities busted the two teens recovering a 34-pound “bundle” of weed formed into a cylindrical mold to fit the 55-gallon drum that was shot over the border using an air cannon.

In September 2016, Mexican Federal Police in the border state of Sonora seized a van modified to hold a homemade Bazooka cannon used to propel drugs over the border.

The use of such mechanisms should serve as a reminder that no border wall proposed by President Trump to stop illegal immigration and drug from entering the country will be big enough.

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