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New Jersey teen admitted to strangling 19-year-old Sarah Stern for 30 minutes and watching her die

February 15, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
New Jersey teen admitted to strangling 19-year-old Sarah Stern for 30 minutes and watching her die

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A teen from New Jersey confessed to strangling a 19-year-old woman for 30 minutes and watching her die, a prosecutor revealed in court on Tuesday.

Liam McAtasney told a friend that he suffocated Sarah Stern with such force that he lifted her off the ground in her home and watched as she died.

Prosecutors told the judge that he monitored the clock as Stern was dying. They also added that he described the murder to a friend, who secretly recorded their conversation.

On Tuesday, a judge ruled Tuesday that the 19-year-old will remain in custody until his trial.

Liam McAtasney will remain jailed in Sarah Stern murder

McAtasney admitted to dumping her body in the river with an accomplice, prosecutor Meghan Doyle said in court, the Asbury Park Press reported.

The purported accomplice, Preston Taylor, stated that McAtasney called him before Stern’s killing in December. All three lived in Neptune City and were friends, with Taylor even taking Stern to their junior prom.

Prosecutors added that Taylor admitted to dumping the body of Sarah Stern after McAtasney murdered her. McAtasney contacted Taylor after the killing and asked him to hide her body.

Taylor reportedly covered the body behind bushes, and the two later returned and put her remains in the front seat of her vehicle. They then threw her body into the river, Stern’s body has not yet been recovered.

Liam McAtasney admitted to police he strangled Sarah Stern.

McAtasney’s attorney Charles Moriarty told reporters that it is possible that the victim is still alive. He said it is likely that the suspects fabricated the story about what occurred.

“Both boys seem to be talking about something that didn’t happen,” Moriarty stated. “They’re talking about something that was scripted.”

Detectives allege that McAtasney had planned Stern’s killing for six months. Taylor’s attorney John Perrone said that his client tried to convince McAtasney not to kill Stern, but Doyle said investigators found no proof of that.

The Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office concluded that Taylor provided assistance to McAtasney “in moving and disposing of Stern’s body to avoid detection.”

Taylor, 19, has been charged with hindering apprehension, conspiracy, and disposal of human remains. McAtasney faces charges of first-degree murder, felony murder, conspiracy, hindering apprehension, and disposal of human remains.

Stern was last seen on December 2nd. Both suspects were among the close to 100 people who offered to help search for Stern in the area surrounding the Shark River inlet after her car was discovered on the bridge.

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