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Feds: Friend helped suspects wanted in shooting of postal carrier elude police before ratting them out

February 18, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Feds: Friend helped suspects wanted in shooting of postal carrier elude police before ratting them out

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A trio arrested for their role in last weekend’s shooting of a postal carrier managed to avoid a police hunt at North Star Mall days later with assistance from a friend — who ultimately turned them in.

Federal court documents indicate that one of the suspects, Sarah Richford, called a male friend, who drove her and the two other suspects, Bradley A’Hearn and Piper Allan Lee, away from the mall, where the three had abandoned Lee’s car in a parking garage on Tuesday.

Federal authorities indicate that the trio robbed the postal carrier in Spring Branch, Texas and said that A’Hearn exchanged gunfire with pursuing officers on Monday and fired more shots Tuesday on the North Side before the trio retreated to the mall.

After the friend had picked them, he drove took them to a Sunset Inn Motel, where he checked them into a room under his name, according to court records.

Bradley A’Hearn II (left) and Piper Lee (right) made their initial appearance in court on Thursday (Photo John Davenport San Antonio Express)

Shortly after, the friend contacted law enforcement and led them to the motel, where a San Antonio police SWAT team apprehended the trio on Wednesday. The friend was not charged in the incident and is now a confidential source, The San Antonio Express reported.

On Thursday, U.S. Magistrate Judge Henry Bemporad ordered A’Hearn, 22, Richford, 26, and Lee, 40, held until their bail hearings in the coming weeks.

“When I was arrested, my head and face were slammed into the concrete, I was kicked,” A’Hearn said to the judge. “I lost consciousness.”

A’Hearn added that he might not understand some of his proceedings, but the judge said his attorney would explain his rights more thoroughly. The judge designated lawyers for all three defendants.

A’Hearn and Richford are facing charges of the assault of a federal officer, carjacking, mail theft, and interference with interstate commerce. If convicted, they face up to 65 years behind bars. Lee faces charges of aiding and abetting the assault of a federal officer, which carries a maximum sentence of 20 years.

The court documents show that Richford told authorities that A’Hearn was the shooter in the burglary of the postal carrier and the subsequent police chases. Richford was present during the three incidents; she admitted to investigators.

Lee, meanwhile, helped the suspects evade capture after they abandoned a Toyota Venza and drove them around in his yellow Volkswagen, which had license plates that said “DOPEST.” That was the car that detectives discovered abandoned at the mall.

Public records indicate that Lee’s vehicle is registered to the same apartment on Henderson Pass that is listed as Richford’s residence. Federal agents searched it on Wednesday night.

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