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Iowa teacher-turned-stripper Mary Beth Haglin accused of sex with student “hundreds of time” sentenced to three months in prison

February 20, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Iowa teacher-turned-stripper Mary Beth Haglin accused of sex with student “hundreds of time” sentenced to three months in prison

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Mary Beth Haglin, the Iowa teacher-turned-stripper, who had a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old student, will serve three months behind bars.

On Friday, the  24-year-old was sentenced to 90 days in jail by the same Cedar Rapids, Iowa judge who found her guilty her in December, KCRG-TV9 reported.

During an appearance on the Dr. Phil show, she confessed to sleeping with the teen on a daily basis. She was taken into custody in July last year.

In addition to prison time, the former teacher will also have to register as a sex offender for ten years.

After her TV confession, prosecutors enhanced her charges from misdemeanor sexual exploitation of a minor to felony sexual exploitation – which increased her maximum sentence from two to five years.

Documents filed by the Linn County Attorney’s Office point to her TV appearances – which included interviews with Inside Edition and Crime Watch Daily – as the basis for her more stringent charges.

The woman “admitted engaging in a pattern of sexual conduct with a student while employed at Washington High School, which supports the more serious felony offense,” the documents stated.

Mary Beth Haglin and her defense lawyer, Katie Frank (center) in Linn County Court

The former teacher, who worked as a stripper under the stage name ‘Bambi,’ was taken into custody in July after a classmate detected the affair – and after the teen boasted about her nude photos to his friends.

Their relationship began after he seduced her with passionate Post-Its.

At the end of each class, he would leave the notes on her desk calling her ‘my Empress’ and ‘Mrs. Robinson’ – which is a reference the older woman who seduces a younger man in ‘The Graduate.’

Ultimately, a fight with her then-boyfriend drove her into the arms of the teen’s – and into a relationship that she claims the 17-year-old assured her was real.

“He did so with such intelligence and such an elevated vocabulary that I was completely duped by the facade,” Mary Beth Haglin said to Dr. Phil.

In one note, written when Haglin was also working as a waitress, the adolescent wrote: “I love the way you smell like pizza. It drives me crazy wanting a piece of crust.”

Haglin confessed to having sex with the student almost daily for nine months, sometimes in her or his car, other times in the houses of the boy’s parents.

Eventually, she said he persuaded her to send him sexy pictures of herself, including some naked ones, which he later shared with his friends.

Haglin said she didn’t think he would distribute the private photos “because if you’re in a real relationship, you don’t run around with your phone saying, ‘Hey, look, everybody, look how hot my girlfriend is.'”

Their relationship was finally exposed when a female student saw the teen sneaking into Haglin’s classroom during breaks.

She told her mother, and the woman confronted Mary Beth Haglin at the school.

“She said, ‘Yes, it’s true,'” the parent said. “She kept telling me that she was in love with this man, that as soon as he graduated, they were going to get married.”

Rebecca made Haglin write a statement admitting to the relationship, which she then brought to the school administration.

The teacher-turned-stripper was fired in May at the end of an internal investigation, and she was taken into custody in July.

An earlier inquiry conducted in February failed to demonstrate any wrongdoing on Haglin’s part.

Both investigations have since been labeled as ‘ineffective’ by the school district, with allegations that staff tried cover-up the issue.

According to a wealth of emails obtained by The Gazette, Washington High Principal Dr. Ralph Plagman agreed to write Haglin a letter of recommendation during the second investigation.

That revelation led to the resignations of three high-ranking school officials, including Plagman.

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