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Video emerges of violent knockout aftermath in Darrelle Revis fight

February 20, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Video emerges of violent knockout aftermath in Darrelle Revis fight

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A video surfaced on Sunday of the violent fight last week in Pittsburgh involving Darrelle Revis that shows two men knocked out on the sidewalk while a man boasts in the background about just slugging them.

“I knocked both of these mother f—-rs out,” the man is saying in the eight-second video obtained by TMZ. “They both asleep.”

The man also said, “Shut up before I knock your ass out next.”

The man who is bragging about knocking two victims out isn’t seen on the footage, and it is unclear whether that is Revis’ voice, who is the only individual who has been charged in the case with four felony counts and one misdemeanor.

Revis’ attorney is using that video as evidence of his client’s innocence.

“Revis absolutely, categorically and positively did not knock out anyone, did not conspire to commit an assault, did not say “shut up before I knock your ass out next” and did not “rob” another of a phone,” Robert Del Greco Jr.

“The voice and admissions made in the video are NOT that of Darrelle Revis. We have no doubt but that further investigation about the clothing and voice will corroborate the above assertions.”

The Pittsburgh Police Department confirmed to TMZ that the footage was from the February 12th incident involving the Jets player.

Revis is accused of knocking out Dallas Cousins and Zacheriah Jarvis into oblivion after the two followed him down a street at around 2:30 a.m. and took a cell phone video of him.

According to a complaint, the football player also allegedly threatened Nathan Watt, who taped the aftermath. However, it is not clear if the recently released footage is the same one that Watt recorded.

Revis’ first attorney Blaine Jones, far right, maintains his client was the victim in the altercation

Darrelle Revis was charged with two counts of aggravated assault, and one count of robbery, conspiracy to commit aggravated assault, and a misdemeanor count of making terroristic threats.

According to the complaint, after punching the two, according to Watt, Revis purportedly shouted, “Do you want to be next?” which is similar to what the man said in the video.

Revis’ lawyers have maintained his innocence from the beginning. His first Pittsburgh-based attorney, Blaine Jones, stated that Revis was not the attacker and acted in self-defense.

Video shows two men knocked out following a fight with the NFL star

Jones told journalists that Revis “feared for his safety” and sought medical assistance. He didn’t, however, provide details about Revis’ injuries.

The 31-year-old turned himself into Pittsburgh authorities on Friday night and was free to go three hours later on a non-monetary bond. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Thursday.

The NFL has announced that it is “looking into the matter.”

Revis was signed to a five-year, $70 million deal with $39 million in assured money to return to the Jets in 2015. There is speculation that the deal could be abandoned because Revis has violated the NFL’s personal-conduct policy.

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