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U.S. born son of Mexico’s most feared drug lord known as ‘El Menchito’ wins appeal

February 21, 2017  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
U.S. born son of Mexico’s most feared drug lord known as ‘El Menchito’ wins appeal Ruben Oseguera Gonzalez, "El Menchito"

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The incarcerated son of Mexico’s most feared drug lord is one step closer to gaining his freedom following a ruling by an appellate court.

Rubén Oseguera González also known as ‘El Menchito’ was granted an injunction by the Seventh Circuit Unit Circuit for the third Region in Guadalajara, in a shocking decision which annulls his initial arrest warrant for organized crime-related charges, Zeta reported.

In his ruling, Judge Isidro Avelar Gutiérrez cited failures detected in the investigation, which included flawed evidence used by the Mexican Attorney General’s Office (PGR) to obtain the detention order for Oseguera González.

The cartel prince is the U.S. born son and second-in-command of Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, better known as ‘El Mencho‘ the leader of the violent Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG).

Ruben Oseguera Gonzalez, ‘El Menchito’ was arrested in June 2015.

‘El Menchito’ has remained in custody in the Altiplano maximum security prison since his capture during a military operation in June 2015 for an arrest warrant on organized crime charges issued by a court in Zapopan, Jalisco.

Oseguera González filed an appeal based on a violation of human rights, which claimed Mexican authorities used flawed evidence to arrest him and requested an exoneration for the organized crime, kidnapping, drug trafficking, weapons possession and delinquency charges.

The judge issued the ruling in lieu of the fact that ‘El Menchito’ is currently wanted for an extradition request submitted by the United States government.

As JammedUp News reported, Oseguera González is the target of an arrest warrant for a drug trafficking indictment issued by the Federal Court for the District of Columbia.

‘El Mencho’ remains at the top of the DEA’s Most Wanted List along with legendary narco Rafael Caro Quintero and Sinaloa Cartel boss Ismael ‘El Mayo’ Zambada

However, according to Excelsior, the recent court victory doesn’t mean Oseguera González will be granted his freedom. Officials said the AG’s Office has already filed a number of court challenges against the ruling, which means he will remain in custody until the court proceedings are concluded.

The CJNG in a short time frame has grown to become one of the most powerful drug cartels operating in Mexico rivaling the Sinaloa Cartel.

After conquering the overseas methamphetamine market, the criminal organization has set its sights on the U.S. market and has expanded its criminal operations to include the trafficking of cocaine and marijuana.

Since the arrest and recent extradition of Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman,’ leader of the Sinaloa cartel, ‘El Mencho’ has become the most wanted man in Mexico and remains at the top of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency’s most sought after list of fugitives, along with legendary narco-trafficker Rafael Caro Quintero, and Sinaloa Cartel boss Ismael ‘El Mayo’ Zambada.

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