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Mass. construction worker with ‘white power’ chest tattoo and fiancée victims of double murder

February 21, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Mass. construction worker with ‘white power’ chest tattoo and fiancée victims of double murder

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An engaged Massachusetts couple were the victims of a grisly double murder that was so horrible, state police had to use an x-ray machine to determine how many bodies were at the crime scene.

Mark Greenlaw, a 37-year-old construction worker with a “white power” chest tattoo, and Jennifer O’Connor, 39, were murdered inside their basement in Massachusetts on Saturday night.

The couple’s dismembered remains were discovered wrapped up in plastic and rugs by Massachusetts State Police after they were gunned down.

Michael Hebb, 45, was arrested at his house on Monday and is scheduled to be arraigned on Tuesday morning.

Police found the couple’s bodies in the basement of their home in Peabody, Massachusetts, on Saturday night

Authorities are still hunting for another suspect who has not been identified.

They have not indicated how the suspect knows the victims. He was arrested at a home roughly five miles from where the bodies were recovered.

Forensics units had to use x-ray machines to determine how many bodies were at the scene because there were so many parts at the home when they got there on Saturday night, CBS Local reported.

They were called to the home after a woman staying at the residence found the bodies in the basement and ran out to flag down a passing driver. They then drove together to a police station to inform authorities.

Police have been dispatched to the house previously for drug and gun-related conflicts.

Michael Hebb is set to be arraigned in Peabody on Tuesday morning

The double murder victims shared public statements of love for each other on social media, where friends and relatives left tributes for them on Monday.

Jennifer’s aunt Dorothy described her niece “beautiful,” and said, “I know she is at peace and with God. Please say a prayer for her.”

Police believe that at least two individuals are responsible for the horrific slaying.

Neighbors said that although they were disheartened by the discovery of the couple’s remains, they were not surprised.

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