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Hunt for kingpin near Texas border sparks insurrection within Gulf Cartel

February 22, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Hunt for kingpin near Texas border sparks insurrection within Gulf Cartel

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The continuing effort by Mexican authorities to apprehend the leader of the Gulf Cartel, also known as “El Toro,” appears to have set off a chain of infighting and disputes within his criminal organization in Tamaulipas.

Gun battles erupted after Mexican Marines, Federal Police, and Fuerza Tamaulipas State Police launched operations to capture Julian “El Toro” Loisa Salinas, the leader of the Gulf Cartel in this region.

According to El Universal, the effort has resulted in the deaths of nine gunmen over the weekend, who have put up massive resistance including ‘El Toro’s’ second-in-command only known as ‘El Arin.’

Six more cartel operatives have been killed in gunbattles with Mexican forces in the past 24-hours, the heaviest clashes occurring Tuesday evening into Wednesday morning.

Evidence suggest the hunt for Julian “El Toro” Loisa Salinas may have led to an insurrection within the Gulf Cartel after discovering the remains of Martin Romo Lopez known as ‘Don Chucho’ on Monday

The fugitive drug lord, who also goes by the name of Juan Manuel Loisa, has in the past retreated to Texas to evade arrest from Mexican authorities, Breitbart Texas reported.

Additionally, the ongoing effort by authorities to capture Salinas seem to have also caused an insurrection within the criminal organization, resulting in series of attacks in recent days including the execution of senior cartel figure.

On Monday, Mexican federal police found the remains of a man who appears to be the victim of a cartel-related murder. The body was located near an irrigation canal called Anzalduas.

Unconfirmed reports indicate body discovered in an irrigation canal in Reynosa was a known Gulf Cartel operator.

Although authorities did not reveal additional details, local citizen journalists in the area say the identity of the victim is actually Martin Romo Lopez alias “Don Chucho,” a known Gulf cartel operator.

The man was reportedly blindfolded, with his hands tied and was covered with a blanket. A closer inspection indicated that he was tortured.

Mexican law enforcement officials have yet to confirm whether the remains are Romo Lopez.

This photo surfaced on a  local Mexican news portal suggests it is the lifeless body found was Romo Lopez

On Sunday, two SUVs with armed men opened fire and tossed grenades at a residence before fleeing the scene.

By late Monday morning, Mexican marines barricaded an area near the Cumbres neighborhood and carried out a series of raids at warehouses and stash houses to capture ‘El Toro.’

Authorities also dispatched five military attack helicopters and multiple special anti-narcotics squads in the search for the Gulf Cartel leader.

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