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Prosecutors: Aaron Hernandez phone calls with former teammate Mike Pouncey could prove double murder case

February 23, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Prosecutors: Aaron Hernandez phone calls with former teammate Mike Pouncey could prove double murder case

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Aaron Hernandez may want to consider staying off the prison phone.

On Wednesday, Massachusetts prosecutors filed documents that include telephone transcripts of Hernandez talking to Miami Dolphins player Mike Pouncey, who is a former University of Florida teammate, about what the Commonwealth argues might help convict Hernandez in his prospective double homicide trial.

Jury selection is continuing for the former New England Patriot’s upcoming double murder trial slated to begin on March 1st.

Court documents highlight communications by Hernandez, who was previously been convicted of the murder of Odin Lloyd.

Mike Pouncey and Maurkice Pouncey show their support for former Florida teammate and accused murderer Aaron Hernandez.

Prosecutors highlighted one call that took place back in April 2015 and indicated Aaron Hernandez felt that he was being “tried” or tested by Boston clubgoers, TMZ reported.

Hernandez’s former friend Alexander Bradley, who was with him on the night of the murders, is going to testify that Hernandez felt disrespected by Safiro Furtado and Daniel de Aubreu during an altercation in a club before Hernandez reportedly shot and killed them during a drive-by.

A second, conversation with Pouncey took place in April 2015 and involved a discussion regarding a tattoo that Hernandez wanted.

Prosecutors claim jailhouse phone calls between Hernandez and Pouncey could help prove case

Prosecutors claim Hernandez wanted the tattoo to commemorate the murder of Furtado and Aubreu.

“During this call, [Hernandez] stated, ‘I’m going to get another tattoo that looks like a stop sign that will say, ‘Beware, no hesitation.’ [Hernandez] said, ‘You feel me? Try me, and there’s no hesitation.'”

Pouncey has been one of few players to openly support Hernandez since he first became a suspect in the Lloyd murder.

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