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Los Zetas Cartel assassins stalked Mexican prosecutor days before execution: GRAPHIC

February 23, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Los Zetas Cartel assassins stalked Mexican prosecutor days before execution: GRAPHIC

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A Mexican official revealed Los Zetas cartel assassins stalked a federal prosecutor for four days before he was executed earlier this month in Monterrey.

On Tuesday, state authorities arrested one of two Los Zetas hitmen for the murder of Jose Luis de Leon, a federal prosecutor working in Nuevo Leon.

De Leon was ambushed in early February by two men at his home in the Guadalupe section of the city.

Federal authorities had previously arrested a cartel lookout or “hawk” who helped track the official’s whereabouts leading up to the murder, Proceso reported.

The victim previously revealed that he discovered a GPS tracker in his vehicle.

Municipal police officers were dispatched to the shooting scene and found the bullet-riddled body of de Leon.

The federal prosecutor suffered multiple bullet wounds to his left hand, face, and midsection.

Near his body, authorities discovered 14 shell casings from a 9mm gun and five from a .223 weapon.

Federal Prosecutor Jose Luis de Leon was gunned down earlier this month in a targeted assassination in Nuevo Leon, Mexico

Police launched a manhunt after learning the gunman had escaped in a Grand Marquis near the neighborhood of Las Aguilas.

Police later arrested 24-year-old Juan Eduardo Hernandez Martinez, identified as a cartel hawk with an unknown amount of drugs on him, Breitbart Texas reported.

Authorities had previously found an ID belonging to Hernandez at the scene of the crime.

A source close to the investigation indicated that although police were trying to link Hernandez’s role in the murder, they discovered that he had recently been released from the Topo Chico state penitentiary where he was serving time for burglary and crimes against the community.

Authorities discovered evidence including  several bullet casings and the I.D. of a cartel “hawk’ at the scene

The suspect was part of the Five Points group, a Los Zetas faction comprised of street-level drug dealers and former gang members based in the Independence neighborhood, an impoverished community in Monterrey.

The organized crime associate admitted that he received $6,000 pesos, or approximately $300 USD, for his role in stalking the federal prosecutor and alerted two Los Zetas Cartel assassins when de Leon arrived at his home.

Moreover, Hernandez further revealed his role in helping dispose of the murder weapons, Proceso reported.

State prison records initially listed charges of drug possession against Hernandez, not murder.

However, officials announced the cartel lookout would face a “qualified homicide trial’ in connection with the federal prosecutor’s death.

Federal prosecutor Jose De Leon was shot several times as he arrived at his home in early February

Meanwhile, the alleged assassin, whose identity has not been released was arrested Monday night in the municipality of Juarez.

The suspect appeared Tuesday before a judge and charged with prosecutor’s slaying. Officials said authorities are still hunting for the second gunmen. involved with the narco execution.

Aldo Fasci Zuazua, Nuevo León’s Public Safety Spokesman, denied reports linking the killing to internal issues within the State Attorney General’s Office.

The victim had reportedly assisted in an administrative investigation that included the falsifying of case files that led to the termination of 32 prosecutors.

Instead, Fasci maintained the execution was revenge by a local Zetas boss for a series of anti-drug raids.

The spokesman also confirmed that Jose Luis de Leon had alerted officials in November that he had discovered a GPS tracker hidden in his vehicle before his death. It remains unclear if the tracker was placed by law enforcement or by a criminal organization.

Some investigators had floated a theory pointing to a disagreement over a property in the rural area of Linares in southern Nuevo Leon. The victim had previously received threats and had his property burned down.

The killing of the federal prosecutor occurred days after authorities apprehended Eleazar “El Cochi” Palomo Castillo, the local leader of the Beltran Leyva cartel in Nuevo León.

El Cochi has been singled out as one of the main suspects behind the bribery of police officers and ministerial agents in the area.

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