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North Texas teacher allegedly threatened to ‘burn bosses alive’ in pay raise demand

February 25, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
North Texas teacher allegedly threatened to ‘burn bosses alive’ in pay raise demand

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Police arrested a teacher from north Texas and charged him with making a terroristic threat after he reportedly threatened to “burn alive” school district staff if he was not granted a pay raise.

Records indicate that 29-year-old Omar Alanis, a Dallas Independent School District social studies teacher, used his school email to contact the principal and other administrators, requesting that they pay him and another instructor “Master Teacher Salary” wages.

One of the emails Alanis sent advised that his demands must be met by ISD administrators if they “don’t want to burn alive.” In another message, Alanis reportedly said that anyone who did not comply with his commands for a pay raise would be “put down immediately” by the Dallas Police Department (DPD).

The Dallas Morning News revealed that Alanis attached pictures of police officers holdings weapons to the email. School district officials immediately contacted law enforcement.

Fox4 reported that Seagoville High School increased security last week, while Dallas ISD campus police and DPD reviewed the threatening emails. At the time, the community was not aware that Alanis was the perpetrator.

Alanis agreed to go in for police questioning, in which he allegedly confessed to sending the emails and also added that he was standing up to the administration to bring about salary changes, which he argued were necessary.

Alanis, a world history teacher, began working at the Dallas ISD in August. The Texas Education Agency lists master teacher certifications in reading, math, science, and technology. One of the requirements for this is three years of teaching experience in the classroom.

Police arrested the man last Saturday and was charged with making a terroristic threat. After he had posted $1,500 bail, he was freed and since checked into an unidentified local hospital to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

KDFW, who spoke to Alanis’ sister Arlene, reported that the sister believes that Alanis was not in the right mindset when he sent the messages. She blamed Alanis’ behavior on a significant death that occurred in the family. “As far as we’re concerned, he’s not mentally stable. He had some mental breakdown. My grandpa passed away recently, so that might have triggered that.”

Furthermore, she told KDFW that her brother disappeared for a week and his relatives had no idea where he was, adding that Alanis was “very unlike himself” the last time she saw him. “I was like that’s not my brother,” she added. “We’re getting our brother the help he needs. He’s not a terrorist. There’s no need for anyone to be afraid.”

School administrators and police continue to investigate the allegations against Alanis, but Dallas ISD officials cannot reveal anything further because of the probe. Spokeswoman Robyn Harris stated that: “The teacher is on administrative leave, we are unable to comment on personnel matters.”

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