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Video captures fatal shooting death of Georgia man after argument over a cell phone: GRAPHIC CONTENT

February 27, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Video captures fatal shooting death of Georgia man after argument over a cell phone: GRAPHIC CONTENT

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A man from Georgia has been charged with murder after he was involved in a fatal shooting over a cell phone that was recorded on surveillance video.

De’Andre Malik Thomas, 20, turned himself into authorities on Friday in connection with the fatal shooting of Kareem Mano, 25 on Thursday.

Mano, who was a new father to a one-month-old baby boy, was shot multiple times as he tried to run from Thomas outside of the USA Grocery Store in Bloomfield.

He was pronounced dead at the scene from a bullet wound to the chest.

Bibb County Sheriff David Davis indicated that Thomas and Mano had gotten into an altercation about a cell phone that the accused killer sold to the sister of Mano’s girlfriend.

The girlfriend reportedly told investigators that the phone was locked and it couldn’t be used, so her sister wanted to get her money back.

Thomas allegedly shot his gun into the air and shouted, “it’s jugg season b****,” which is a possible reference to stealing.

Mano then told the woman, “don’t worry about it. I’ll handle it.”

Investigators said that Thomas and Mano agreed to meet in the parking lot of the store on Thursday to discuss the problem.

Surveillance footage outside of the store shows two men looking like they are arguing, as Mano is holding a gun in one hand.

The two then appear to argue with each other for a few minutes until Mano tucks his gun into the waistband of his pants.

Seconds later, the man sporting a red shirt, who detectives say is Thomas, quickly pulls out a gun and opens fire on Mano.

Mano tried to flee as multiple shots were fired at him as Thomas is chasing him in the video.

The footage then shows Mano running towards a gas station pump until he slows down and falls to the ground.

The man in the red shirt quickly escaped the scene.

Police say Thomas and Mano had argued about a cell phone that the accused killer allegedly sold to the sister of Mano’s girlfriend.

Davis said that at the time of Thursday’s fatal shooting, the suspect was out on a $65,000 bond pending a trial in connection with a robbery in April 2016.

Thomas and D’Angelo Montell Roquemore, 20, were charged with false imprisonment, armed robbery, and carrying weapons on school grounds.

The robbery occurred at student apartments on Mercer University’s campus.

During his first court appearance on Saturday, Thomas was denied bail.

Mano’s parents are devastated by the loss of their son.

Police have charged De’Andre Malik Thomas 20, (pictured) h with murder of Kareem Mano, 25

“It’s a feeling I can’t describe in words. I don’t think any parent losing a child can describe the feeling,” Kenneth Mano, his father, told WMGT.

The victim’s mother, Kathleen Mano, stated: “Right now I’m so weak, I’m sick, I’m trying to understand what is going on if he’s gone because I can’t get over it.”

In defense of his son pulling out a firearm first, Kenneth said: “…Someone pulled out a gun, the truth is you would be feeling threatened. But for it to escalate. How did my son who was walking away, get shot.'”

This is not the first time the family has suffered from loss. In 2003, the couple lost one of their other sons who was robbed and killed while he waited for a bus.

“I feel like I’m in hell right now, I’ve been through that, I’m going through it again,” Kathleen added.

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