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Authorities arrest double murder suspect Alex Deaton after multi-state manhunt

March 1, 2017  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Authorities arrest double murder suspect Alex Deaton after multi-state manhunt

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Law enforcement officials say the multi-state manhunt for Alex Deaton, a fugitive accused of two killings in Mississippi and a string of shootings is over after he was captured in Kansas on Wednesday.

Officials said the 28-year-old murder suspect had crossed state lines in an attempt to stay one step ahead of the police.

Mississippi Authorities said Alex Deaton is the primary suspect in two murders and the shooting of another person. Additionally, Deaton stands accused of an additional shooting in Kansas and a carjacking and kidnapping in New Mexico.

According to Fox News, State Police in Kansas attempted to stop a black Cadillac matching the description of the stolen vehicle Deaton was driving eastbound on a highway near the town of Dorrance, located two hours northwest of Wichita.

Deaton who was considered armed and extremely dangerous failed to stop, and a high-speed chase ensued.

The pursuit came to an end a few minutes later after State Troopers placed spike sticks along the highway, causing Deaton’s vehicle to crash and burst into flames.

Police recovered Alex Deaton from the vehicle and placed him under arrest without incident.

Officials said Deaton robbed the SUV in New Mexico where he allegedly shot a store clerk.

Deaton had opened fire hitting a man in the buttocks, and a bullet grazed a woman. Both victims had been taken hostage near Albuquerque.

Authorities had sought Deaton for Thursday’s strangling death of his girlfriend, Heather Robinson, 30, in Rankin County, Mississippi. Later that evening, Deaton allegedly opened fire, killing Brenda Pinter in a church in Neshoba County. On Friday morning, Deaton reportedly shot a jogger in Rankin County.

Rankin County District Attorney Michael Guest said Deaton faces one count of first-degree murder and one count of aggravated assault but indicated charges would be raised.

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