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Mexican authorities arrest “El Christian” head of violent Sinaloa Cartel faction wanted for extradition to El Paso

March 3, 2017  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Mexican authorities arrest “El Christian” head of violent Sinaloa Cartel faction wanted for extradition to El Paso

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Authorities in Mexico have announced the capture of Davi Sánchez Hernández, alias “El Christian” a high-level Sinaloa Cartel operator sought after by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency for drug-related charges in Texas.

U.S. law enforcement officials previously have designated Sánchez, a former Mexican police officer,  as a top drug trafficker who is identified as the head of one of the Sinaloa Cartel’s most violent cells operating in the state of Chihuahua consisting of former municipal police agents.

Mexico’s Criminal Investigation Agency (AIC) in coordination with the Antidrug Division of the Federal Police arrested “El Christian” during a major operation in the border city of Ciudad Juarez late Wednesday.

Sanchez is believed to be part of a group of former Mexican police officers to have joined the ranks of the Sinaloa Cartel

Mexican officials said the capture was made in compliance with a detention order for his extradition to the U.S., Proceso reported.

Sànchez along with 24 high-ranking cartel figures and associates were named in a 2014 sweeping RICO indictment out of the Western District of Texas in El Paso on charges including drug trafficking,  money laundering, and organized crime-related offenses.

Federal prosecutors say “El Christian” is allegedly responsible for overseeing a massive network responsible for the trafficking of multi-ton quantities of narcotics yearly from Chihuahua into Texas.

Additionally, Sanchez is related Germán Olivares, “El Paisa,”  the top lieutenant for Ismael “El Mayo” Zambada,  who are both also named in the federal indictment in El Paso.

Authorities in Mexico arrested ‘El Christian” in compliance with an extradition order to the United States

Justice Department officials describe Olivares as a shadowy underworld figure, who is responsible for ordering countless murders during the group’s brutal war for control of Juarez, which began in 2007.

Mexican authorities said Davi Sánchez Hernández was admitted to the prison in Ciudad Juárez, where he will remain pending the conclusion of the extradition process to be delivered shortly to the custody of United States authorities.

The arrest “El Christian” is the latest setback to the Sinaloa criminal organization, which has weakened by an internal power struggle following January’s extradition of the group’s top leader Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman to New York where he awaits to stand trial on a 17-count drug trafficking indictment.

Furthermore, Sánchez’s arrest comes at a time when the Sinaloa Federation’s control over the Ciudad Juarez Plaza has come under threat by an alliance involving the upstart Jalisco New Generation Cartel and remnants of the Juarez Cartel.

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