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Oregon judge accused of helping undocumented immigrant escape ICE from courtroom

March 4, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Oregon judge accused of helping undocumented immigrant escape ICE from courtroom

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Oregon Judge accused of helping undocumented immigrant escape courtroom

Authorities are investigating a local Oregon judge accused of assisting an undocumented immigrant in the U.S. illegally escape ICE agents through her office.

According to Fox12, Judge Monica Herranz reportedly allowed Diddier Pacheco Salazar to slip through a private door in her office when a courtroom staffer realized that ICE agents were waiting in the hallway.

Salazar was in court for a drunken driving charge.

Oregon’s U.S. Attorney said that Herranz was “inappropriately delegitimizing the work of ICE agents.”

“This is no surprise,” author Mark Steyn said on “Risk and Reward,” adding that such activity like this is often deemed acceptable.

“When Donald Trump ran on the issue of immigration, he was running against one-and-a-half of two political parties,” Steyn added.

Steyn, who is Canadian-American, stated that as a legal immigrant he could be “terrorized by bureaucracy,” compared to the “anarchic system” encompassing illegal immigration.

He also noted that when he was walking in the woods behind his home in northern New Hampshire, an agent approached him and discovered he was accidentally carrying his daughter’s green card instead of his.

The agent, Steyn said, warned that he would make a visit to the child’s school because of the occurrence.

For illegals the government will instead “turn a blind eye until you kill Kate Steinle,” he continued.

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