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Feds: Mexican drug cartel moved large amounts of meth, cocaine through Indiana county

March 4, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Feds: Mexican drug cartel moved large amounts of meth, cocaine through Indiana county

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Federal prosecutors in Indiana revealed the bust of a Mexican drug cartel accused of moving significant amounts of cocaine and meth through Hendricks County.

The criminal indictment naming 17 suspects was filed in January and was unsealed this week.

Prosecutors indicated that the group worked out of Avon for over a year before being they were busted last year as part of a national drug trafficking investigation.

One of the accused drug dealers openly confessed his crimes to FOX59.

“Yeah I mean it just happened,” suspect Roberto Macias stated.

Additionally, Roberto Macias confessed to keeping 21 pounds of meth in his home last year in Avon before he was caught.

The alleged ringleader played down his role in the drug trafficking organization to Fox59 in Indiana

“I do [feel bad] because I messed up my life. I got a record now,” Macias said.

According to court documents, 29 pounds of meth were brought to Avon in November 2015, and 30 kilos of cocaine arrived days later. Another load of meth was delivered in December 2015 and then again in March and May of 2016 when 60 pounds of meth came to Avon.

The deals often took place in public places like in the parking lot of a Super Target in Avon. The purported local ringleader was Rafael Rojas-Reyes. Macias said that he was just a low-ranking courier.

“At the beginning, it sounded like I was the boss, but I was nobody,” Macias added.

The bust has links all over the country. Prosecutors revealed that the operation was managed out of Mexico, with cocaine obtained mainly from California and meth from Arizona. Those drugs then were brought to Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Nebraska, Ohio, and Indiana.

For his role, Macias denied being aware of how extensive that network was.

“It’s connected to a cartel. I didn’t know that. I was helping my cousin holding it for three days,” he added.

Prosecutors say some suspects are facing decades behind bars, but Macias indicated that he’s expecting to serve a 5-years when he is sentenced later this year.

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