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Mexican Marines kill ruthless Gulf Cartel boss responsible for burning hundreds of victims

March 4, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Mexican Marines kill ruthless Gulf Cartel boss responsible for burning hundreds of victims

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As fighting has continued between authorities and cartel gunmen for days in Reynosa, the border city of Matamoros has managed to escape most of the recent violence, until now.

A man described by authorities as a feared cartel heads, allegedly responsible for having incinerated hundreds of his victims, was killed during a recent gun battle with Mexico’s battle hardened Marines.

The suspect who was covered in tattoos was identified as one most bloodthirsty bosses within the Gulf Cartel only known as “El Fily” or “Ciclon 40,” El Manana reported.

Citizen reporters and unofficial sources first reported that the feared criminal was cut down this week during a recent gun battle with authorities along the highway that leads to an area known as Playa Azul.

Mexican Marines killed the cartel commander during a shootout near Matamoros earlier this week

“El Fily” oversaw criminal operations in areas including Camino Real, El Longoreño, El Ranchito and other rural communities located on the way to Playa Azul.

A series of pictures distributed by citizen journalists appear to show the narco’s bullet-ridden body after he was killed in combat.

Images show the body wearing black clothing with a bulletproof vest. The man seemed to be grasping an AR-15 rifle and a semi-automatic pistol.

Officials have not released any information either confirming or denying the death of “El Fily.”

The ruthless cartel leader is said to have committed horrific atrocities in and around Matamoros, Mexico

The drug boss led a Gulf Cartel faction which was responsible for incinerating hundreds of bodies in the rural area of La Bartolina.

A former cartel hitman confirmed the incident in La Bartolina also known as La Cocina, the criminal cartel incinerated about 500 victims, reducing them to ash, Breitbart Texas reported.

The source said state authorities during the previous governor’s administration, engaged in a cover-up and alleged that forensic experts were not able to tell if the remains discovered were human or animal.

The incinerations reportedly took place in barrels filled with fuel so the bodies would be consumed without leaving a trace of evidence.

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