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Man with cocaine ‘busting out of his pants’ arrested at JFK airport

March 11, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Man with cocaine ‘busting out of his pants’ arrested at JFK airport

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A man attempted to smuggle 10 pounds of cocaine through customs at JFK International Airport by fastening it to his legs.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection  (CBP) said in a statement that police arrested Juan Carlos Galan Luperon last Saturday after they realized that his pants were a little too snug .

CBP Officials said Luperon, who is a U.S. citizen from New York City, arrived on a flight from the Dominican Republic, the New York Post reported.

Authorities revealed that officers saw that Luperon’s pants not only seemed a little tight but was “bursting out of his pants and he appeared to be nervous.

The officers brought Luperon to a private room where they searched him and discovered bundles of white powder taped to his legs in what appeared to be leg casts.

The agency indicated that the white powdery substance tested positive for cocaine.

The drugs weighed approximately 10 pounds and had an estimated street value of  $164,000, according to NBC New York.

Luperon was taken into custody on state narcotics smuggling charges by the New York City Prosecutor’s Office.

However, CBP officials further indicated Luperon could face enhanced drug trafficking charges on a federal level, which carries a much more severe penalty.

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