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Dismembered bodies dumped in Mexican border state of Nuevo Leon

March 11, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Dismembered bodies dumped in Mexican border state of Nuevo Leon

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Authorities in Mexico say a crew of gunmen from one of the cartels operating in the border state of Nuevo Leon, were responsible for dumping dismembered bodies of three individuals earlier this week.

The remains were left in bags in the bed of a truck with a narco-message. Municipal officers made the grisly discovery in the town of Escobedo, during a routine patrol.

The vehicle did not seem suspicious until officers noticed several trash bags with remains and a message from the drug cartel.

The gruesome discovery was made in the border state of Nuevo Leon after a truck containing the decapitated bodies were left in the back of this pickup truck.

The officers that were at the crime scene in the Villas de San Francisco area confirmed that they discovered at least seven bags in the back of the pickup in plain view, Breitbart Texas reported.

Police were able to identify a torso and foot that were projecting out from the bags.

Among the bloody remains, officials discovered three heads and a poster that been attached to a body with an ice pick.

The bodies were left in garbage bags with a narco message from a drug cartel operating in the area

The message signaled out the Gulf Cartels and Los Zetas organization

The message stated: “This happened for (missing) $$ to the Golfos (Gulf Cartel members) and Zetas, Greetings to Jaime Alberto Cano Gonzalez and Mario Salazar Cortez “the Baldy” from Apodaca. This is just starting.”

The bloody war over control of drug corridors in Nuevo Leon has not diminished even though state officials have been trying to downplay the violence by referring to it as an “internal fight” and not a “narco-war.”

Despite assertions by government officials, executions, mutilated remains, and threats continue to occur in the areas surrounding Monterrey.

Aldo Fasci Zuazua, the spokesperson for Nuevo Leon’s Public Safety, said an investigation in underway by the state attorney general’s office into the killings.

The pickup had been reported stolen only one week prior from the town of Apodaca.

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