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How doctor’s prescription of Percocet transformed a middle-class mom to a jailed junkie

March 12, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
How doctor’s prescription of Percocet transformed a middle-class mom to a jailed junkie

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The first time Andi Peterson took prescription opiates, she was only 16-years-old.

Two years later, the Weber County resident was prescribed Percocet by a doctor, which caused her to enter a drug spiral, which ultimately led to her losing custody of her son.

A report published by Business Insider outlines Peterson’s journey from taking prescription opiates to her addiction to heroin.

The story is all too common for many Americans who are addicted to opiates.

At 16, Peterson took Lortab which was given to her by a friend before she even started to drink alcohol.

Andi Peterson from Weber County spent a year in jail on drug related charges

She found that the Percocet pill helped her relax and diminished her anxiety.

She took opiates two years later because it was given to her by her doctor. When she was 18-years-old, she was given Percocet after her emergency C-section for her son.

Once again, she found that the pill made her feel good, but it did cost a lot of money.

Her boyfriend suggested that she try heroin, which was the cheaper alternative: heroin.

She told Business Insider: “It didn’t seem like a big deal to me then. I was naive. I didn’t know all the consequences. It made me feel good. Normal.”

Three years of sobriety: Andi Peterson appearance and health transformed after being sober for three years

Suburban areas like Weber County were lousy with painkillers, so drug dealers took advantage of the market and offered cheaper alternatives.

After six months, Peterson admitted to her parents that she was addicted to the drug after her father recognized her twitchy behavior.

She wanted to get sober, but it would take years because opiates rewire the brain to make addicts constantly crave the substance.

Peterson also spent a year behind bars and lost custody of her son.

Naloxone is a nasal spray that helps save people who are overdosing on heroin

She finally got clean after failing out of a rehab center once. She also had a wake-up call after she saw someone overdose.

The heroin epidemic was a primary emphasis in the 2016 election. Journalist Chris Arnade has recorded the opioid crisis and added that Trump won wherever there was significant drug addiction, especially to opiates.

The UN also reported heroin use had reached a 20 year high back in June.

Heroin fatalities across the nation increase 23% in 2016, to 12,989, just higher than the number of gun killings.

The total number of gun deaths – which included suicides and accidents – increased 7% per cent to 36,252, Statista.com reported.

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