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Sinaloa Cartel operator arrested in Tijuana

March 12, 2017  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Sinaloa Cartel operator arrested in Tijuana

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Mexican authorities scored its second successive victory in a week against organized crime with the arrest of a Sinaloa Cartel operative in the state of Baja California Sur.

Officials announced the arrest of Octavio Leal Hernández, also known as ‘El Chapito,’ an alleged member of the Sinaloa Cartel, during a joint operation between the federal police and military on Friday afternoon in the Cacho colony of Tijuana.

According to Proceso, the capture took place at an address located on Colombia and Batopilas streets.

Information obtained from the Mexican government identify ‘El Chapito’ as a top lieutenant for the Sinaloa Cartel’s top bosses in Tijuana, brothers Alfonso Garcia and Rene Arzate, also known as ‘El Achilles’ and ‘La Rana.’

State Secretariat of Public Security (SSPE) indicated that Leal Hernández was accompanied by several other collaborators when he was detained.

After the capture, a convoy of security elements transferred the cartel operator to the headquarters of the State Preventive Police in the Rio Zone for interrogation and processing on charges of organized crime, drug trafficking, and kidnapping offenses, among other violations.

This is the second time that Leal Hernández has been captured in Tijuana. In 2012, he was arrested by the Mexican army but was released in 2015.

Leal’s capture comes on the heels of the arrest of a ranking member of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) earlier this week.

Mexican authorities captured 28-year-old David ‘N’, alias ‘El 20’ or ‘El Lobo,’ the CJNG’s alleged plaza boss in Tijuana on Wednesday.

David ‘N’ was arrested in the Sánchez Taboada section of Tijuana along with another operative, identified as 50-year-old Silvestre ‘N,’ a native of New Italy, Michoacan.

The CJNG have maintained an increased presence in the Baja state and have put the Sinaloa Cartel’s control of the Tijuana border crossing under jeopardy.

The two organizations have remained gripped in a bloody battle for trafficking routes into the U.S. and drug distribution points in the border city, which has caused Tijuana’s homicide rate to reach a record high in 2016.

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