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NYPD gang takedown targets drug gang linked to wave of stabbings in Queens park

March 13, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
NYPD gang takedown targets drug gang linked to wave of stabbings in Queens park

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A series of stabbings associated with a drug crew that controlled a Queens park led to a gang takedown by the NYPD on Thursday that resulted in 14 arrests.

Over the past two years, the vicious gang “Always Banging Kings” ruled over Travers Park in Jackson Heights. The gang has been responsible for at least four stabbings.

“They were selling significant amounts of narcotics and committing random acts of violence,” said Lieutenant Joseph Barone of the NYPD Queens North Gang Squad. “They considered the park their turf.”

In May, ABK gang members beat up a teen who was playing basketball in the park with chains before they stabbed him in the chest. He sustained a collapsed lung that was nearly fatal, the New York Daily News reported.

“The gang was on our radar, but the stabbing prioritized the investigation,” Detective Sean Quealy said.

A large amount of marijuana was seized from the gang. (NYPD)

Investigators put the group under surveillance and got a warrant to wiretap their cell phones.

On December 14th, they overheard two of the gang’s leaders planning to kill a member of the Latin Kings gang at a pool hall.

Police arrested the two gang members on their way to perform the hit, and seized two guns in the process, Barone said.

“We weren’t going to take a chance that they would execute the plan,” Quealy stated.

On Thursday, officers raided various addresses in northern Queens and arrested 14 members. Four other members are being sought.

The gang takedown also resulted in the seizure of three guns $55,000 in cash, and three cars: a BMW, a Scion, and an Audi.

Quealy said the group used teens as young as 15-years-old as foot soldiers to carry out the street crimes, men 18 to 25 to sell marijuana, cocaine, and fentanyl, and older members directed the operation.

The gang has sold hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of drugs.

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