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Twin sisters 16, and their father, 48, found shot dead inside suburban Chicago condo

March 13, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Twin sisters 16, and their father, 48, found shot dead inside suburban Chicago condo

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Four victims were shot, three of which were fatal, including teenage twin sisters, inside of a condo in Illinois on Friday night in what authorities said is a “domestic-related incident.”

Twins Brittany and Tiffany Coffland, both 16-years-old, and their father, Randall Coffland, 48, were discovered dead by authorities in St. Charles, located about an hour outside of Chicago, according to WGN-TV.

The girls’ mother, Anjum Coffland, 46, was also shot and injured in the apartment.

She was raced to Delnor Hospital in Geneva with non-life threatening injuries and is listed in stable condition.

Investigators said a neighbor called 911 around 5:15 pm on Friday to a report of shots fired, as a second call was placed seconds later from inside the condo.

Brittany (left) and Tiffany (right) Coffland, both aged 16, and their father, Randall Coffland, 48, were killed in what police are calling a domestic disturbance in St. Charles

When officers arrived one the scene, they discovered the twins, who would have turned 17 on Tuesday, and their father also, while Anjum was still alive.

Tammy Hartje, a neighbor, said she heard a disturbance about 15 minutes before the police arrived.

“When I walked across the street I heard screams. I looked up, and I noticed they had the door open, and I was thinking that’s weird because it was cold outside,” Hartje said.

Authorities said that the twin sisters and their parents were the only people inside the residence at the time.

Police indicated that Anjum and Randall were married but were residing at separate addresses.

Officers answered to a call of “domestic trouble” on February 9th involving the couple. According to police, nothing physical occurred.

The incident happened inside of a condo, as the girls’ mother, Anjum Coffland (right), 46, was also shot. Above Randall is pictured with Brittany (center) and Anjum (right)

It is not clear who fired the gun, and the incident is still under investigation.

After the news had spread about the tragic shooting in the community, a memorial was made outside of the residence, as mourners left candles, flowers, and signs to honor the twins who were juniors in high school.

“It’s unnerving to realize that someone you were close with and could see in a day, could be gone in a matter of hours,” Ally Siebrasse, the twins’ friend, told WGN-TV.

“Tiffany would just light up a room with her smile and her personality. She was an amazing girl. You could tell made everyone better just by knowing her.”

She also said that Brittany was “kindhearted” as she was on the cheerleading team at school.

School administrators had counselors for students or staff who needed to talk or grieve.

St. Charles Mayor Ray Rogina released a statement about the “horrific personal tragedy.”

“Being the close-knit community we are, an incident of this nature has an impact beyond the immediate family. We think about and pray for the family which includes relatives, high school students, and other friends. We also pray for the community that we will stand tall and provide calm and peace at such a tragic moment.”

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