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Mexican Official: Four cartels fighting over drug trade causing violence in border state of Nuevo Leon

March 14, 2017  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Mexican Official: Four cartels fighting over drug trade causing violence in border state of Nuevo Leon

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The criminal uprising that has taken place in the metropolitan area of Nuevo León in recent weeks is due to a dispute that four cartels hold to position themselves in the entity, a local intelligence source said Monday.

According to Proceso, several criminal groups are fighting for control of drug trafficking corridors into the United States.

In the municipality of Escobedo, a split within the Los Zetas criminal group has led to a brutal fight to between rival factions the Old School Zetas and Cartel Del Noreste.

The two groups are also fighting for control of the area surrounding Santa Catarina along with the Gulf Cartel and Beltran Leyva Organizations, the official revealed to the Mexican publication.

Nuevo Leon’s security spokesman, Aldo Fasci, all but confirmed the information and attributed the fighting in the two municipalities, which has remained engulfed in the largest concentration of violence in the state, to the rearrangements and disputes of criminal gangs.

Mexican federal police in Nuevo Leon block the road between Monterrey and Reynosa, where dozens of mutilated bodies

“The alarm has arisen because more than half of the murders that have occurred are related to criminal groups,” Fasci said.

“Escobedo and Santa Catarina have become red lights for organized crime, which has caused more than 60% of homicides. It is accidental that some members of organized crime reside in those municipalities temporarily,” he explained.

Fasci further stated that there is an open fight between organized crime groups, similar to the one that occurred between 2010 and 2011 in Monterrey when violence reached historic levels following the split between the Gulf Cartel and Los Zetas organizations.

“At that time, all organized crime cartels came to fight here, to have a war in the city. And we saw two thousand executed in a year. Now, this is what happens in Escobedo and Santa Catarina. It’s accidental but it happens in those municipalities,” he emphasized.

Cartel-related violence has racked the border state of Nuevo Leon

Before the crisis of violence, 600 homicides were reported annually in the capital of Nuevo Leon, of which 100 corresponded to organized crime. However, in 2011 there were 2,300 homicides, of which almost two thousand were executions, a figure that exceeded all statistics.

Following the crisis, there was a 30% decrease in executions. However, the number of violent deaths have now surged 60%.

The state official said the shootings that follow are due to the procedures the cartels have to follow in handling their illegal activities because they execute subordinates who fail to pay illegal proceeds or those who do not ask permission to sell drugs in their territories.

The Nuevo León government’s way of curbing the growing violence is through the internal purging of corrupt local municipal police corporations to make combating and arresting criminals more effective.

“It is not a fight for territory, as in 2011. This is a matter of adjustment of accounts. In any case, knowing this does not solve anything. The only thing that serves us is to stop people and for this, we have to make serious adjustments in the agency of investigations and in the area of anti-kidnappings,” Fasci said.

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