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Texas fishermen shot on border by suspected cartel gunmen

March 17, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Texas fishermen shot on border by suspected cartel gunmen

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Alleged cartel gunmen shot three Texas fishermen aboard a boat from the Mexican side of the border, law enforcement officials said in a statement.

One was killed while the other two were injured.

Police responded to reports of shots fired in the rural area of Fronton, Starr County Sheriff’s Office Major Carlos Delgado stated local, state, and federal authorities located two fishermen who had been wounded, Breitbart Texas reported.

A third  victim who was killed in the attack. The two survivors are expected to make a full recovery.

According to witness statements, the male victims were out fishing when a crew of armed men opened fire from the Mexican side of the border for reasons that are unknown, Delgado stated.

The location where the gunfire occurred is not far from the area where a Border Patrol agent and a State Trooper were shot in November 2016. In that incident, law enforcement officials were hit by gunfire from a battle between Mexican law enforcement and members of a drug cartel.

The trooper was hit in the hip while the agent was shot in the chest but was saved by his bulletproof armor.

Oscar Garza was fatally shot on Falcon Lake back in December of last year, which sits on the border of Texas and Nuevo Leon in Mexico,

Just days after the shooting of the two officers, cartel members opened fire on two other Texas fishermen west of that area in Falcon Lake. Falcon Lake is a place commonly used by Los Zetas to transport large volumes of marijuana and migrants into Texas.

The area is located immediately south of Zapata and Starr Counties.

The two men were fishing when another boat went up to them from the Mexican side, which led to an altercation and the two victims being shot. One of the men identified as 26-year-old Oscar Garza died from his wounds while the second fisherman managed to survive the attack.

The gunmen fled back to Mexico after the confrontation.

Falcon Lake is the same place where Texas State Troopers on gunboats apprehended a top Los Zetas leader who was trying to sneak into Texas in 2015. Authorities arrested Jose Manuel “Z-31″ or “El Borrado” Saldivar Farias, a regional head of the cartel.

Moreover, Falcon Lake was also the location where Los Zetas gunmen killed David Hartley back in 2010 while he and his wife were jet-skiing, Hartley and wife Tiffany had been jet-skiing in the water until a failed kidnapping led to David being struck by gunfire, while Tiffany managed to flee.

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