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Pregnant 16-year-old Bay Area girl shot dead after robbery suspect boyfriend deliberately rammed car into cop car

March 19, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Pregnant 16-year-old Bay Area girl shot dead after robbery suspect boyfriend deliberately rammed car into cop car

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California Police officers fatally shot 16-year old pregnant teen Elena Mondragon after her boyfriend rammed their vehicle their vehicle into a patrol car earlier this week.

Mondragon was three months pregnant when she was killed on Tuesday night by Fremont police who were trying to pull over a stolen vehicle being driven by her boyfriend.

Fremont cops allege that the man was involved in an armed robbery. Authorities said that he crashed the car, in which Mondragon was riding, into cops. The car was traced to a series of crimes carried out in the area.

The suspect was apprehended on Wednesday but not before his girlfriend was killed, CBS News reported.

The tragedy occurred after Fremont police detectives discovered the car that they were driving had been reported stolen. Additionally, the man was also wanted in connection with various armed robberies in Fremont and the Bay Area.

Mondragon was one of four people in a car that had been reported stolen. The car had been connected to multiple armed robberies in Fremont and the Bay Area

When authorities attempted to pull over the car, the driver drove into the police cars, injuring two detectives.

Police then drew their guns and fired at the man who was driving the car.

One of the bullets hit Mondragon who was in the passenger seat.

“When they go to contact the driver, the vehicle takes off, rams the detective’s vehicle, the detectives then return fire, trying to strike the driver of the vehicle,” Hayward Police Sergeant Ryan Cantrell said.

Instead of stopping, the driver rammed cars including a police vehicle

Relatives of the teen say that she was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

They asked why police shot at the vehicle if it was driving away from them and was no longer a threat to their safety.

The two Fremont detectives who were injured were treated at a local hospital and were subsequently released.

Elena Mondragon was the second oldest of nine siblings and attended Golden Gate Community School in Pittsburg.

Family members have been holding a vigil outside the family home as a tribute

Her friends said that she was known for being caring and dependable when it came to her siblings.

“She was a good girl, respectful. When it came to her siblings, she was very responsible,” Evelina Minjares, Mondragon’s older cousin, said.

Her aunt, Christina Flores, said she knew that her niece had gotten involved with the wrong crowd.

“I knew she wasn’t a perfect girl, but to us, she was,” Flores said. “It was all about her family and having fun.”

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