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Tennessee cops kill man displaying ‘erratic’ behavior on highway, recorded on Facebook Live: WARNING DISTURBING CONTENT

March 19, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Tennessee cops kill man displaying ‘erratic’ behavior on highway, recorded on Facebook Live: WARNING DISTURBING CONTENT

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An unarmed man who was gunned down by Tennessee police officers — after they allege that he attempted to run them over while acting unstable — recorded the shooting on Facebook Live.

Rodney James Hess, 36, live-streamed two videos on Thursday as he sat in his parked vehicle, which police said was obstructing an off-ramp in Alamo, Tennessee. He was shot after authorities claim that they grew worried that he would run them over with his car.

According to NBC News, Hess was rushed to a hospital where he later succumbed to his injuries. Cops responded to reports around 2:15 Thursday afternoon that a car was parked sideways on a highway exit.

The first Facebook Live video had captured the moments before police arrived. The 17-minute video is pretty quiet and shows the vehicle moving before the first Crockett County deputy arrived on the scene.

Hess was behaving erratically by the time backup arrived, according to Josh DeVine, the spokesperson for the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

Hess reportedly attempted to run deputies over two times during this period, he continued.

“At one point, preliminary information indicates that Hess tried to use his SUV to strike the officers twice,” DeVine told journalists on Thursday.

In the second post — which lasts just over a minute — deputies are seen surrounding his car.

Hess is repeatedly heard asking to speak with “the higher commands.”

Hess’ fiance told a local newspaper he was suffering from bipolar disorder. (VIA FACEBOOK)

“I would like the higher commands to come out,” he is heard saying in the footage.

That’s when his car moves in reverse. A deputy at the driver’s window holds up something in his hand.

Then shots are heard, followed by Hess shouting in pain. The car then comes to a stop.

DeVine said a deputy shot Hess through the windshield as police became worried that he’d run them over.

“Information suggests that officers were at risk of injury when the situation escalated,” he stated.

Hess was shot by police after deputies surrounded his car as seen on his Facebook Live stream.

Hess then drove his vehicle “a short distance away” before he crashed into a ravine, according to DeVine.

The man was not armed at the time of the incident, but DeVine noted that the deputies considered his vehicle a weapon.

The videos, however, don’t show Hess attempting to run authorities over, but there seems to be a gap in time between the two videos.

Hess had a New Orleans residence, and police were initially not sure what he was doing in Tennessee. However, family members told NBC News that he moved to Tennessee from Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina.

His fiancé told the Jackson Sun that he had bipolar disorder.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation will hand over its conclusions to a district attorney general, who will then ascertain if the cops were justified.

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