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Chicago Police: 15-year-old girl victim of gang rape that was live streamed on Facebook

March 21, 2017  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Chicago Police: 15-year-old girl victim of gang rape that was live streamed on Facebook

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Chicago Police say a 15-year-old girl was apparently the victim of a gang rape by a group of at least five males, in an attack, that was broadcasted on Facebook Live, and what’s worse, none of the roughly 40 people who viewed the feed notified police of the incident.

Law enforcement officials said Police learned of the assault on Tuesday after the mother of the victim identified as Stacey Elkins, approached Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson late Monday afternoon as he left the Lawndale Department on the city’s West Side.

Elkins reportedly told Johnson her daughter had been missing since Sunday and showed the superintendent screenshots of the alleged assault, Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi tweeted on Tuesday.

The victim’s mother, Stacey Elkins, notified police of the incident on Monday after she became aware that her daughter was the subject of the ‘horrrific’ Facebook Live video

The mother said the footage showed her daughter in various stages of undress and looked frightened as the men or boys were abusive toward her, CBS Local reported.

Johnson immediately ordered an investigation, and Chicago Police immediately notified Facebook to take down the gang rape video, which it complied.

Detectives tracked down the girl, and she has since been reunited her with her family.

Guglielmi stated that investigators were conducting interviews of potential witnesses.

Police located the victim, pictured above, who was missing since Sunday

After viewing the video, the police spokesman said Johnson became “visibly upset” by the contents of the footage and the fact that there were “40 or so live viewers and no one bothered to contact police.”

It marks the second time in months police have investigated an attack that was streamed on Facebook.

Authorities arrested four people back in January after cellphone footage showed the suspects allegedly beating and taunting a mentally disabled man.

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