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Texas Man charged with pimping high school girls

March 23, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Texas Man charged with pimping high school girls

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Alvin man charged with pimping out highschool girl

Police have charged man of pimping out high school underage girls from the Independent School District in Alvin, Texas.

On Tuesday, 20-year-old Dihlon Lee Davis made his first appearance in court to face felony charges of the sex trafficking of minors by force, fraud, or coercion.

The charges were the result of an investigation that was spearheaded last April when a young Manvel High School student showed an Alvin ISD police officer a picture of text messages that she exchanged with “Dillo Davis,” who asked the teen if she wanted to work as a prostitute. She responded by saying “no.”

Davis replied he knew prostitution was not legal but vowed that he would keep her safe.

Alvin ISD Police and the Department of Public Safety launched a probe and discovered that Davis’ girlfriend, who was then a minor, tried to lure other high schoolers into the prostitution ring. Click2 Houston revealed that her phone had images of barely clothed victims.

Dihlon Lee Davis was arrested on an array of sex trafficking charges

One was a 16-year-old in lingerie with a message that read: “Do you have a sweet tooth? Well, baby, I’m your treat I’m sweet, hot, and ready. I’m one call away. I love to please clean and unrushed services call me. NO BLOCKED CALLS. I promise to leave you wanting more.”

The pictures on the phone were the same ones posted on Backpage.com, which was at the time the largest online advertiser of adult services in the U.S. In 2016, Texas lawyer General Ken Paxton made the highest-profile sex trafficking bust in the history of the state, which led to the shutdown of the site.

Court documents indicated a victim told authorities that she, Davis, his girlfriend, and other teens went to a Super 8 motel where they charged between $150 and $250, and Davis took half of their cash. She also noted that the man gave them drugs.

According to KHOU, a victim said Davis selected freshman and sophomore girls at the school to join the ring, and he took the teens to the motel. In May 2016, police showed up at the Lake Jackson Super 8 motel after tracing the location of Davis’ girlfriend’s phone. The manager told authorities Davis rented rooms and paid in cash.

When interviewed, the man told investigators that it was the girls’ idea to work as prostitutes. He only assisted them by renting rooms and driving the girls from their houses to the motel. Davis said he was paid for gas and drugs.

Alvin ISD issued a statement detailing other related events that resulted in the investigation:

“Last April, Alvin administrators and police were investigating an altercation that occurred between students at Manvel High School. The conflict started after an accusation was made that one of the students was involved in illicit activity, unrelated to campus. Alvin ISD Police Officers broadened their investigation to determine the validity of this accusation.”

The statement added: “It was identified that the Texas Department of Public Safety, was actively investigating a 20-year-old male who happened to be an acquaintance of one of the student’s involved. The basis of the DPS investigation was not focused on activity occurring on campus, and therefore the ongoing investigation was continued by outside law enforcement. Alvin ISD assigned discipline to students that were involved in the altercation. At the point when the incomplete investigation shifted from the Alvin ISD Police Department, there was no evidence indicating that our students had been involved in illicit activity.”

If found guilty, Davis faces a minimum of ten years in jail with the possibility of life behind bars.

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