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VIDEO: Drug cartel kidnap elderly businessman in Mexican border state Tamaulipas

March 23, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
VIDEO: Drug cartel kidnap elderly businessman in Mexican border state Tamaulipas

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The spiraling violence in the city of Ciudad Victoria, the Capital of Tamaulipas, continues to escalate, in which bystanders have become targets. While cartel members usually fight each other or Mexican police, average citizens are continuing to be the victims of abduction and extortion.

Surveillance footage capturing a recent kidnapping at a furniture store helps show a glimpse of a frequent occurrence in Ciudad Victoria.

The victim was identified as 74-year-old Arturo Dominguez Mendoza, a local business owner who allegedly does not have any ties to Mexican cartels.

The abduction transpired just after 10 am on Sunday at the Colchorama furniture store, Breitbart Texas reported. In the recording, three men with firearms dressed in hoodies are seen walking up to the counter.

Two of the assailants dragged the elderly man by the hand as a female shopper looks frozen in apparent shock. A third man had walked to the back of the store before he fled, according to Breitbart Texas.

As the armed men left the establishment, the horrified customer quickly left. Unconfirmed reports indicate that victim was released later that day. It is not clear if a ransom was paid.

The video provides an illustration of what has become a frequent occurrence in this area, where cartel members can terrorize average citizens without punishment.

The surge of terror comes after over a year of rival Los Zetas groups fighting for control of the city and profitable drug trafficking territories throughout the state of Tamaulipas.

The conflicts have led to near daily kidnappings, drive-by shootings, gun fights, and killings. The levels of fear in the city have reached the point where Zetas gunmen taped themselves cutting off the heads of victims for terrorist purposes.

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