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Bombshell reveal could help Aaron Hernandez beat double murder rap

March 25, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Bombshell reveal could help Aaron Hernandez beat double murder rap AP Composite

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A message sent from the star witness in Aaron Hernandez’s double murder trial to his lawyer received full attention for a second day on Thursday, years after the self-proclaimed drug dealer displayed doubt over “not being able to recall” information about being shot in 2013 by the former New England Patriots star.

Alexander Bradley, who once connected with Hernandez over a love of weed and excess partying, testified for a second day about the text he wrote to his lawyer in July 2013, according to the Boston Globe.

This occurred months after Bradley alleged that Hernandez shot him after he made a reference to the star’s involvement in the slayings of Daniel de Abrue and Safiro Furtado a year earlier.

Bradley, according to the message, was concerned about facing perjury charges if he admitted the “truth about not being able to recall anything about who shot me.”

Bradley displayed doubt over “not being able to recall” information about being shot in 2013 by Hernandez (AP Photo)

When asked by defense attorney Jose Baez, Bradley claimed that he did not remember deleting the text from 2013, before he handed over his phone over to investigators. Bradley later concluded his testimony Thursday by stating, “I’m not perjuring myself.”

Bradley took the stand against his former NFL friend on Monday, testifying for over six hours, and explaining to jurors that Aaron  Hernandez shot him in the face after Bradley referenced Hernandez’s role in the double murder in Boston that occurred in 2012.

While at a Florida strip club, Bradley said, Hernandez started thinking undercover cops were following him.

“I said, ‘If they are, it’s because of the stupid [expletive] you did in Boston,’” Bradley said. “He became standoffish…upset.”

Bradley testified he later went to sleep and woke up with a gun pointed at his face.

“Right between my eyebrows,” Bradley continued.

However, on Thursday, the text Bradley sent lawyer Robert Pickering indicated Hernandez’s former buddy had no idea who shot him.

Hernandez is on trial for the 2012 double murder of two men following an altercation in a Boston nightclub (AP Photo)

“Now you sure once I withdraw this lawsuit I won’t be held on perjury after I tell the truth about me not recalling who shot me,” Bradley said to Pickering. He was referring to the civil suit he filed against the former NFL players.

Hernandez’s double murder trial now comes down to whom the jury believes. Bradley testified the text was misunderstood, declaring that he wanted to tell a grand jury that he was not sure who shot him to save Hernandez from criminal charges, but doing so might put him at risk of perjury because his civil suit claims Hernandez shot him.

“I was trying to figure out how I could testify without getting him [charged],” Bradley stated. “I would perjure myself if I file in a civil matter that Hernandez shot me and then I go to the grand jury and say I don’t know who shot me.”

Aaron Hernandez, who is already serving life behind bars for the 2013 shooting death of semi-pro football player Odin Lloyd, has pleaded not guilty. His lawyer argued during opening statements that Bradley shot the two men in Boston over a drug deal that went awry.

The mother of Bradley’s kid also testified, telling jurors that Bradley said that Hernandez shot him. She also said that he detailed the double slaying and indicated that he was driving the car when Hernandez fired the shots that murdered de Abreu and Furtado.

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