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Fire, riots erupts inside same northern Mexican prison where dozens of Zetas cartel members escaped earlier this week

March 26, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Fire, riots erupts inside same northern Mexican prison where dozens of Zetas cartel members escaped earlier this week The 29 inmates escaped a prison facility in Ciudad Victoria through a dugout tunnel

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Dozens of presumed members the Los Zetas drug cartel escaped from a  state prison in Ciudad Victoria, after starting fires and riots on Friday.

The cartel-connected prisoners fled through a tunnel. Inside the jail, inmates continued to run a makeshift flea market.

On Friday, just after 11 p.m., inmates at the prison started to riot and began torching ruble. The fire spread rapidly causing panic amongst residents.

Multiple law enforcement sources alleged that officials were trying to verify if a second breakout had taken place as inmates were seen jumping over the walls of the prison.

The fire and the riots were restrained by 1:30 a.m. on Saturday when officers began inspecting the prison grounds and conducting another head count to figure out if any more prisoners had escaped, Proceso reported.

Tamaulipas state officials revealed that three inmates were killed during the riots. Another prisoner suffered multiple injuries.

That riot occurred only a day after dozens of Los Zetas members broke out of the prison through a tunnel. Early Thursday morning a large crew of Los Zetas members escaped from the jail by crawling through a 120-foot tunnel that they were digging for several weeks. During the break, the inmates killed a motorist to steal his car.

During a search of the prison, officers found a series of wooden shacks where prisoners had set up a clandestine flea market. The inmates used wooden shelters as an illicit flea market for the distribution of beer, snacks, liquor, drugs, and weapons. They also found numerous edged weapons left behind by the inmates.

The riot erupted at the prison in Ciudad Victoria the wake of a mass escape by 29 inmates earlier this week

As officials continued to search the prison, inmates began a riot on Thursday afternoon that lasted for hours. According to Tamaulipas officials, inmates used “weapons and set bedsheets on fire.” A string of videos recorded by a citizen journalist seems to show barrages of gunfire inside the prison.

The Tamaulipas government indicated that 29 inmates fled. However, Mexican law enforcement sources indicated that number might be higher. Head counts continue to be conducted to ascertain how many individuals are missing.

The prison escape occurs at a time when rival groups of the Los Zetas cartel have been fighting for control of Ciudad Victoria and key drug trafficking territories in the state.

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