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Apparent marijuana grow house goes up in smoke in the Bronx, New York as fire fills streets with smell of weed

March 27, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Apparent marijuana grow house goes up in smoke in the  Bronx, New York as fire fills streets with smell of weed

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A superintendent in the Bronx was caught after he turned the building’s basement into a significant marijuana grow house.

Alberto Martinez, 65, was taken into custody and charged with criminal possession of marijuana after firefighters were called to extinguish a blaze just before midnight on Saturday.

Inside the building, firefighters found more than a dozen bags worth of pot, according to police.

The stench of smoldering weed from the drug den blew down the Castle Hill street for hours after the fire was extinguished, the New York Daily News reported.

The stench of pot could be smelled down the street and New York City police officers removed 17 garbage bags filled with marijuana from the building

In total, authorities removed 17 garbage bags full of marijuana from the apartment.

The Fire Department is currently investigating how the fire was started.

The revelation of the grow house inside of the two-story brick home shocked residents, including an employee at a daycare three doors down.

“It’s crazy,” said Samantha Johnson, a staffer at the day care. “Most of the kids live on the block.”

She never speculated about any nefarious activity at the residence.

NYPD removes bags of pot from a grow house on Chatterton Ave. in the Bronx early Sunday. (Screenshot)

Building residents said that Martinez was quiet, did not speak English and carried out his responsibilities as superintendent dutifully.

One neighbor who lives two doors away reported that he saw a constant crowd in and around the building, including vehicles that would double park for visitors to come in and out.

But the neighbor, who wished to remain anonymous, never believed someone inside was growing a large amount of weed.

In October, a similar grow house was discovered by police in Morris Heights.

That drug den inside of an apartment building was found after someone reported the odor of marijuana and chemicals coming from a basement apartment.

That grow house was discovered less than a week after Bronx Battalion Chief Michael Fahy was struck and killed by debris when a marijuana grow house in Kingsbridge exploded.

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