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Incredible transformation of Australian mom who quit her $1,000-a-week meth addiction

March 27, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Incredible transformation of Australian mom who quit her $1,000-a-week meth addiction

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An Australian mother has shared how she defeated her spiraling meth addiction after she ended up behind bars for producing the lethal drug to feed her habit.

In Australia, Dee-anne Allender took meth – which is referred to as ice in Australia- for the first time at 24-years-old and immediately became addicted for eight years.

The now 40-year-old mother-of-four – who was a politician’s daughter – opened up to the Daily Mail , about the moment she was so deep into meth addiction, she almost paid with her life.

“There was a time I was at the train station, screaming at my dad on the phone. I just thought, you should just end your life by jumping in front of a train… make it easier for everybody,” she remembered.

The now 40-year-old – who was the daughter of a politician – opened up about the moment she was so deep into drugs, she nearly paid with her life

“I also had a near death experience when I didn’t weigh my drugs, and I lost balance and hearing and collapsed. When I went to the clinic, the doctor said: ‘that was a mini-stroke.’ I couldn’t walk or talk. I had to crawl in the shower and sit there with my clothes on for hours.”

She was born into a stern family where she was not allowed to talk about drugs growing up.

Allender was diagnosed with dyslexia – a learning disability that made it challenging for her to read – when she was eight, The Daily Mail reported.

“I was struggling in school. I remember my family saying: ‘If only she tried harder,’ but I knew I was trying as hard as I can.

Mother of four Dee-anne Allender (pictured in her mug shot) has revealed how she overcame her battle with ice addiction

I thought ‘I must have been stupid.’ My brother and sister are successful. My parents were successful… and then there was me. I always felt a little different.”

At 15, she left home to stay with friends – and turned to drugs, starting with marijuana.

At 17 she became addicted to amphetamines – a stimulant that increases the activity of brain chemicals.

Her life spiraled out of control when she had her first hit of meth, and she was spending close to $1,000 a week to fund her habit five times a day.

Dee-anne Allender hit rock bottom when she ended up in Prison

Allender hit rock bottom when she was thrown in prison for almost one year after she tried to manufacture amphetamines back in 2010.

Allender’s kids lived with their grandparents while she battled her meth addiction and served time behind bars.

“It was a short time [in jail], but I thought it was positive. I was taken away from my addiction because I was separated from drugs. At first, I thought I wasn’t hurting anybody. But there’s nothing worse than your children visiting you in prison, and then you realize the damage you’ve caused,” she continued.

After she had been released, Allender relapsed.

The mother said she was able to find the power to turn her life around by checking herself into rehab at 32.

“I realized how I disrespected my children. I was selfish because I was putting drugs before them. I didn’t know what was on the other side of it… the soul and destroying drug that almost took over my life.”

When her husband fatally overdosed on heroin two years ago, she realized the unbearable pain she was putting her children through.

Allender – who is now happily married with a new husband – is hopeful that by sharing her life, she would encourage others dealing with an addiction to seek help.

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