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Major drug trafficking ring busted in Eastern Panhandle, surrounding areas

March 27, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Major drug trafficking ring busted in Eastern Panhandle, surrounding areas

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Numerous suspects were arrested early Friday morning for their roles in a major drug trafficking operation in the Eastern Panhandle and its neighboring states.

“[Arrests were made] in an effort between law enforcement agencies that culminated [Friday] and [those arrested] were charged with facilitating an extensive heroin trafficking network spanning the Eastern Panhandle and surrounding states,” Jefferson County Prosecutor Matthew L. Harvey said.

More than 50 people are facing heroin-related charges.

Warrants were executed based on 496 Berkley County charges and 72 in Jefferson County on charges linked to heroin distribution, WHAG reported.

Authorities said that 24-year-old Christian A. Blunt is believed to be the leader of the drug ring.

Police said surveillance indicated that more than a kilo has come through the region in the past two months through Blunt.

 Representatives of the Eastern Panhandle Drug & Violent Crime Task Force gathered at the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office to announce a major drug bust in the Eastern Panhandle on Friday (Journal photo by Danyel VanReenen)

The investigation included tapping phone calls and monitoring texts as well as the utilization of aerial surveillance.

The bust was a coordinated effort spearheaded by the Eastern Panhandle Drug & Violent Crime Task Force.

“We’re excited to be working together with various agencies in Berkley County to try to make our county a safer place,” Berkley County Prosecutor Catie Wilkes Delligatti said.

Other from Blunt, the suspects charged in the operation are:

• Donald M. Athey, 25

• Alyssa N. Bagent, 25

• Eric Bitner, 31

• Tracey L. Boarman, Jr., 27

• Mary E. Bush, 35

• Jason D. Butts, 41

• Amber Carter, 29

• Mary T. Clark, 57

• Alisa Cook, 23

• Anthony W. Cook, 31, of Martinsburg.

• April D. Cook, 37, of Hedgesville

• Penny Cook, 46, of Hedgesville

• Myron Colston, Jr., 36, of Martinsburg

• Leon E. Davidian, Jr., 28, of Laurel, Md.

• Krista Davidian, 28, of Martinsburg

• Joseph F. Dobbin, 33

• Lloyd L. Dodson, 55

• Nicole M. Dodson, age not known

• Thomas R. Fishburn, 32

• Farrah D. Hayes, 39

• Adam D. Hicks, 28

• John J. Hollingsworth, 31

• Kenneth W. Hunter, 43

• Brandon P. Imbach, 27

• Robert Jackson, 50

• Melvin L. Johnson, 62

• Thomas Lebarron, Jr., 27

• Lacey J. Lee, 28

• Amy M. Little, 42

• Shane J. Manseau, 40

• Charles L. Mathis, Jr., 34

• Brandy N. May, 35

• Jeffrey L. Miller, 45

• Charles Mollohan, 46

• Aaron Nottingham, 37

• Jared R. Pence, 27

• Cindy S. Puffinberger, 57

• Tracey G. Rice, 40

• Barbara F. Schlotterbeck, 33

• Edward V. Shoun, 40

• Jasmine A. S. Shoun, 41

• Troy M. Studley, 19

• David L. Timbrook, 40

• Jason W. Unger, 42

• David “Todd” Walls, 49

• Clifford Wheeler, 57

• John F. Wilt, 53

• David M. Witt, 31

• Kelly N. Witt, 30

• Hobart Wilson, 41

• Edward E. Wright, Jr., 26

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