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Aaron Hernandez lashed out at ‘snitch promoters’ at Boston nightclub before allegedly shooting dead two men

March 27, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Aaron Hernandez lashed out at ‘snitch promoters’ at Boston nightclub before allegedly shooting dead two men

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At the murder trial of Aaron Hernandez on Monday, the former NFL star was portrayed as a paranoid, hot-headed star who grudgingly mingled with fans as he partied in the VIP areas of nightclubs.

Club promoter Jeff London testified in a Boston court how the ex-Patriots tight end even once labeled him “a f****** snitch” in a sudden and unexplained eruption.

Aaron Hernandez preferred to be left “alone,” kept to his friends instead of partying with teammates and seldom ordered his own expensive bottle service but was always escorted to the front of the line and was allowed into clubs without charge, London indicated.

The 27-year-old is accused of fatally shooting Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado in their vehicle after leaving Cure Nightclub back in July 2012.

Hernandez and Bradley (far right) stayed in the nightclub for just 10 minutes on the night in question

Prosecutors argue that he shot the two in cold blood from his car as revenge for one of them spilling a drink on him inside the club hours prior.

Surveillance video was played in court which showed him being ushered into the club and he left only 10 minutes later.

London, who is a VIP host that caters to celebrities and often takes care of Patriots players at numerous Boston nightclubs, testified on Monday.

He had remembered one outburst before Hernandez was arrested and later found guilty of murdering Odin Lloyd.

Hernandez and Bradley left the club shortly after 12.40am on July 16, 2012, ten minutes after they arrived. He is seen in the club moments earlier

When London attempted to greet him, he said Hernandez refused to shake his hand and called him a “f****** snitch and f****** fed.”

Alexander Bradley, the drug dealer who accused Hernandez of pulling the trigger on de Abreau and Furtado, was also present. He said that he tried to calm him down.

He also told investigators about another outburst against another promoter who Hernandez hit.

He said Aaron Hernandez became furious when the promoter went up to him and said that they knew one another through a friend who had moved from the Patriots to the Ravens.

Hernandez talks to one of his lawyers as they listen to evidence on Monday, the 17th day of the trial

“He said ‘f*** the ravens.’ He was upset.”

London had been serving Hernandez for three years prior. He said they had always kept a friendly relationship until the incident.

The promoter said that while they were on good terms, it was his responsibility to make sure the football player was comfortable in the club, which meant that he needed to keep overexcited fans at bay.

“Depending on who it was, he would either say hi or brush them off. There were no pictures. He didn’t like to be approached. He liked to be left alone, the Daily Mail reported.

Club promoter Jeff London (left) recalled one incident in which Hernandez (right in court on Monday) labeled him a ‘snitch’ and a ‘fed’

Like many other players, Hernandez liked to go clubbing on Sundays, which is an “industry night.”

On the night of de Abreu and Furtado’s slayings, Hernandez and Bradley were recorded on surveillance going into the club just after 12:30 am.

Prosecutors assert that Hernandez was angry when de Abreu bumped into him as he stood on the dance floor. It caused his drink to spill, but de Abreu never said sorry.

Hours later, de Abreu and Furtado were in their BMW when they were gunned down at a stoplight.

The pair were found shot dead in their BMW after coming to a stop at a traffic light

London stayed at the club after Hernandez and Bradley left at approximately 12:40 am.

At 2:30 am, once the nightclub had been emptied of patrons, he said he went to smoke a cigarette and heard shots.

Hernandez’s attorneys tried to discredit the promoter’s claims.

They said he was believed to have tipped off gossip and news site when players were acting inappropriately in nightclubs, and that is why Hernandez called him a “snitch.”

He also presented a picture of Hernandez with a fan to discredit his claim he did not like being approached.

In addition to the two murder charges he is facing, Aaron Hernandez also faces one count of intimidation for reportedly shooting Bradley in the face to shut him up after the killings.

Chicago Bears wide receiver Deonte Thompson also testified for the prosecution about a night in Florida a year after the murders when Hernandez is accused of shooting his friend in the face to ‘silence him’.

The incident occurred in 2013 in Florida while the two were helping Deonte Thompson celebrate his Super Bowl win in his home state.

At the time, Thompson, who also testified, played for the Ravens. He and Hernandez went to college in Florida together.

On February 13th, the two went to a strip club along with Thompson and other friends.

“It was about four in the morning by the time we got there,” Thompson said after describing the place as a “late night spot.”

At around 6 am, a fight erupted, and Bradley was shot in the face. He argued that Hernandez pulled the trigger to silence him about the 2012 murders.

Prosecutors have already referred to remarks made by others that he had grown increasingly neurotic in the months after de Abreu and Furtado’s deaths.

They said that his constant weed smoking increased his paranoia and violent disposition, which eventually drove him to murder Odin Lloyd in 2013.

Aaron Hernandez was found guilty of Odin Lloyd’s killing in 2015. He was charged with de Abreu and Furtado’s murders while he was still being investigated for Lloyd’s death.

He is already serving life behind bars for Lloyd’s murder which he continues to dispute.

Hernandez maintains that it was Bradley who killed the other two men in a drug deal gone awry.

On Tuesday, his older brother Jonathan will also testify for the prosecution.

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