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Murdered Mexican journalist Miroslava Breach exposed cartel-government ties

March 30, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Murdered Mexican journalist Miroslava Breach exposed cartel-government ties

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The slaying of an esteemed journalistMiroslava Breach in the Mexican state of Chihuahua seems to have resulted from her work revealing the close links between the Juarez Cartel and government officials.

One of those investigations exposed that the mother-in-law of a cartel head was trying to run for mayor, while others looked into how the state’s former governor shielded certain drug organizations.

Last weekend, reporters protested in the Mexico Cities of Torreón and Monterrey; calling for a stop to the impunity that surrounds the killing of their colleagues. The protests occurred after cartel members shot Miroslava Breach moments after she took her children to school.

The gunmen left a poster signed by a Juarez Cartel leader that said Breach was murdered for being a “Lenguona” or loudmouth.

Mexican journalist Miroslava Breach was executed earlier this week by purported cartel gunmen

While Breach’s killing has received insignificant attention from the international press, Mexican journalists expressed that they are deeply troubled by the ongoing wave of violence targeting them. The incident is the third killing of a journalist this year.

In recent years, numerous freedom of the press groups such as Reporters Without Borders and Article 19 have referred to Mexico as one of the most dangerous places to work. The organization continues to call on the government of Mexico to investigate and punish not only the gunmen but also those who ordered the murders.

La Jornada, which was Breach’s employer, indicated that her investigation revealed how Juarez Cartel leader Carlos Arturo “El 80” Quintana tried to get his mother-in-law, Silvia Mariscal Estrada, to be elected as the mayor of Bachiniva, Chihuahua.

Juarez Cartel boss Carlos Arturo “El 80” Quintana

Quintana is a wanted fugitive by the U.S. Department of Justice after he was identified in a federal indictment, which accuses him of various drug trafficking and drug smuggling charges.

According to Breitbart Texas,  move to run for mayor had the permission of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) and would have likely been victorious had it not been for Breach and some of her close collaborators who exposed the cartel links.

At the time of the publication, Chihuahua was governed by former Cesar Duarte Jaquez, a member of the PRI that left his term in an apparent cloud of corruption and narco-collusion. Breach and other reporters were working to show the dealings of Duarte and his close associates.

After Duarte’s term, the National Action Party (PAN) won and are trying to take a hard stance against organized crime. The banner at the scene of Breach’s murder also threatened that the current governor, Javier Corral Jurado, is next.

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