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Fmr. Mexican President Felipe Calderon says border former governor protected Los Zetas Cartel

March 31, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Fmr. Mexican President Felipe Calderon says border former governor protected Los Zetas Cartel

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Former Mexican Felipe Calderon president has accused the former governor of Coahuila of allowing leaders Los Zetas, Mexico’s most brutal drug cartel to “live comfortably.”

During a political demonstration, Calderon said former Governor Humberto Moreira, the brother of the current governor, had requested to remove the Mexican Marines from Coahuila.

The former president is a member of Mexico’s National Action Party and served as the president from 2006 to 2012; he visited this city to provide support to gubernatorial candidate Guillermo Anaya.

Calderon has been widely criticized for the militarization of the ‘Drug War by sending in the Mexican troops to battle the criminal drug cartels, a move which caused violence to surge to unprecedented levels during his term as president.

During his address, Felipe Calderon said that when he was president, the former governor, who was a member of the Revolutionary Institutional Party, requested that he stop sending troops to combat the drug cartels, Milenio reported.

“The most dangerous group that wrecked havoc in Coahuila and Mexico has been the Los Zetas,” Calderon stated. “When Moreira was the governor, all the leaders lived comfortably in Coahuila.”

Former Mexican President Felipe Calderon accused Humberto Moreira of protecting the Zetas during his term as governor of Coahuila

The former president is often scrutinized by international press outlets for using Mexican Marines and the Mexican military to battle cartels. The decision was made after drug cartels had managed to penetrate local, state, and federal police.

“When the Marines arrived to defend Coahuila, to protect them from extortion, kidnapping, abuse, murder, to liberate Coahuila; Do you know what Humberto Moreira told me?” Calderon said.

“He was very offended and said I should remove the Marines that had no place in Coahuila, that Coahuila did not have a sea and to get them out.”

Humberto Moreira, who ran the PRI when current Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto also launched his campaign, has been named as a surrogate of the Zetas and is believed to be responsible for providing the cartel with a haven in Coahuila.’

Former President of Mexico Felipe Calderon

After Moreira had left the governorship to run the PRI, his acting governor continued to turn a blind eye to the behavior of Los Zetas.

The criminal organization were responsible a mass atrocity referred to as the ‘Allende Massacre,’ which saw 300 residents from rural areas near the town of Allende forcibly taken and slaughtered before having their remains burned in a network of ovens between 2011 and 2013.

Half of those victims were incinerated inside the state prison in Piedras Negras.

Moreira and other individuals linked to his cabinet have had properties and money seized by U.S. authorities in Texas. Moreira spent several weeks in a Spanish prison after having been accused of money laundering.

Reports by Mexican media outlets suggest President Enrique Peña Nieto had his staff place political pressure to have the case dismissed.

The charges against Moreira in Spain for money laundering were based on information obtained from U.S. federal court documents that connected his money to accepting cartel bribes. Moreira has not been charged in Texas.

However, it remains unclear if he has a sealed indictment since court records in the civil forfeiture cases suggest a fear of detention by U.S. federal authorities.

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