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Mexican drug war being taken over by beautiful, charming and deadly female cartel assassins

March 31, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Mexican drug war being taken over by beautiful, charming and deadly female cartel assassins

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All-female cartel death squads who go by the group name “The Skinny Girls” are silently taking over Mexico’s brutal drug wars and using their charm and sex appeal to murder their rivals.

The “young, beautiful and reckless” killers comprise the “Flaka” squads in Mexico’s major drug cartels and work in groups of three of four.

They have abandoned the more traditional role within drug trafficking groups of money laundering and raising kids for murdering women in rival groups.

Last year, one female killer known as ‘La Peque’ (pictured) claimed to have had intercourse with beheaded corpses and drank their blood

For instance, La Gladys of the Zetas cartel killed the infamous assassin Joselyn Niño of the Gulf Cartel in 2015 – and remains on the lam in Mexico.

She murdered, dismembered and packed Niño in a beer cooler just over the border.

Niño had achieved notoriety when a photo of her grasping an M4 assault rifle with an innocent smile on her face went viral on social media.

A picture of her body next to a dead man and another woman was taken before another picture was posted showing her cut up body in the cooler.

La Gladys of the Zetas cartel butchered notorious assassin Joselyn Niño (pictured), of the Gulf Cartel . Her decapitated body was found in a cooler back in 2015 

Alongside the photo was a message that warned to “keep sending these f****** *** holes,” maintaining they will receive the same fate.

“By keeping a low profile they avoid suspicion where men doing the same would find themselves in trouble,” Andrew Chesnut, a professor at Virginia Commonwealth University, said in an interview with Fox News.

Chesnut, who is a specialist on La Santa Muerte – a patroness to drug traffickers – indicated that some killers who work their way up in cartels begin as prostitutes or are recruited in prison.

La Malandra (pictured) – The Thugette – of the brutal Zeta cartel, regularly posts pictures armed with a bulletproof vest and a long-wave radio

“These girls are active on social media, and in seeing images of the drug traffickers’ lifestyles, they want a piece of it themselves,” he added.

Last year, one female assassin known as “La Peque” (the little one) claimed to have had sex with beheaded corpses and drank blood.

The 29-year-old, of the Sinaloa Cartel in Mexico, made the confessed from a Baja, California prison.

She was born in Hidalgo. She got pregnant at 15 by a man 20 years older than her.

To support herself and her child, she became a prostitute – before becoming part of the dangerous cartel world.

Veronica Mireya Moreno  started out as a police officer and became a hero when she was wounded during a shootout

Juana said she got her start as a “halcones” – a lookout for authorities.

Her tasks required her to stand at a lookout point for eight hours at a time. If she failed, Juana said she was tied up and fed only one taco a day.

During her time working with the cartel, she witnessed a myriad of grisly moments, including a man’s head being cracked open with a mace.

Local news site Denuncias reported that Juana started to “feel excited by it, rubbing myself in [blood] and bathing in it after killing a victim. I even drank it when it was still warm,” she added.

Denuncias also revealed that Juana “insinuated” that she “had sex with the cadavers, using the severed heads as well as the rest of their bodies to pleasure herself.”

La Malandra often posts pictures on social media posing with guns – although the women know they must keep a relatively low profile to avoid being captured by police

The Flakas have increased in prominence due to the crackdown on sicario hit squads since Mexico’s brutal drug war started in 2007.

The young killers are deployed on missions that require subtlety over physical strength.

They conceal themselves as ordinary girls and gain their enemy’s trust using charm and their physical looks – many have plastic surgery to be the “most desired” and get male attention.

“There’s an inextricable link between sex and death in the culture of these killers in seeking to be the most desired by the narco men, they seek to be the most brutal among their group of peers,” Chesnut continued.

The ‘hit woman remains at large in Mexico and has been a ‘Skinny Girl’ for nine years

The first of three “Skinny Girls” was Veronica Mireya Moreno, who started out as a cop and became a hero when she was injured during a shootout.

She then reportedly joined the Los Zetas cartel and was arrested in 2011 while driving a stolen vehicle – with a revolver and six phones inside.

She was arrested and charged once again with being complicit in a number of murders and drug deals.

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