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Houston man found duct-taped to street sign lost bet: Police

April 1, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Houston man found duct-taped to street sign lost bet: Police

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Texas motorists contacted police after noticing a man duct-taped elevated to a yield sign after reportedly losing a bet to a friend.

KHOU-TV reported that authorities were dispatched to the scene after several drivers noticed the unusual sight on Wednesday.

When a man with a knife approached the duct-taped bound individual, a police officer leaped into action and yelled: “Drop the knife, or I’ll tase you!”

However, police officials said the man explained to the officer that he was just trying to cut his friend down, identified as Miguel Chavez, who had gotten there after losing a bet.

Chavez told FOX 4 that he had placed a bet with his friend on a Warriors/Rockets game. When he lost the bet, his friend provided him with two choices: get duct-taped to a pole or a car.

Evidently, Chavez decided to flip a coin to decide.

“Heads was the pole. Tails was the car,” he added. “It landed on heads, and it went from there.”

The officers ultimately helped cut Chavez down from the sign and gave him a ride home.

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