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Buffalo man deposited over $1M for Mexican drug cartel: Feds

April 3, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Buffalo man deposited over $1M for Mexican drug cartel: Feds

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On Tuesday, a Buffalo man who is part of a drug trafficking organization with ties to a Mexican drug cartel pleaded guilty to his involvement in the ring.

Acting U.S. Attorney James Kennedy revealed that Bryant Hudson is guilty of structuring transactions. He is facing a maximum of ten years behind bars and a $500,000 fine when is sentenced.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael Adler said Hudson was charged in an indictment along with six other co-conspirators, who were all part of a drug trafficking ring with ties to a Mexican drug cartel working out of the Los Angeles area.

Authorities say the group sent packages of drugs to multiple states, including New York, New Jersey, Illinois and Colorado, WKBW reported.

The U.S. Attorney’s office indicated that Hudson deposited cash derived from illicit drug sales in accounts at Bank of America branches in the Buffalo area, as part of a scheme to move the money from Buffalo to California without detection.

The funds were deposited in amounts under $10,000 to avoid detection by the bank. The method, known as structuring, limits the group’s exposure – deposits of $10,000 or more require banks to report the activity.

Authorities allege that deposits were also made by other suspects around the country, which totaled over $10 million dollars.

Local deposits reached more than $1,000,000 over at least 120 transactions.

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