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Did information provided by drug lord lead to recent arrest of Mexican state attorney general?

April 3, 2017  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Did information provided by drug lord lead to recent arrest of Mexican state attorney general?

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Information provided by Mexican drug lord Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman during interrogation following his extradition to the United States may have prompted the investigation and subsequent apprehension of Nayarit’s Attorney General.

The speculation was put forth in a report by respected Mexican journalist Salvador García Soto last week in El Universal, Mexico’s largest news publication.

Nayarit’s State Attorney General Edgar Veytia was arrested last week trying to enter San Diego.

The report suggests that the detention of Veytia for a massive drug conspiracy in Brooklyn, which is the same federal court which indicted Guzman, was no coincidence.

The Mexican state prosecutor was arrested trying to enter San Diego last week.

The report questions how U.S. prosecutors obtained the intelligence to indict Veytia, a respected and influential political figure, when he wasn’t facing similar charges in Mexico.

A federal grand jury convened by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for Brooklyn’s Eastern District returned an indictment against Veytia on drug trafficking charges.

Brooklyn is the same district court where Guzman will stand trial on a 17-count indictment charging him with leading a transnational criminal enterprise, murder in aid of racketeering, drug trafficking, weapons offenses and money laundering.

U.S. Federal prosecutors accuse Veytia of using his position as the Attorney General of Nayarit to import, manufacture and distribute heroin, methamphetamine, and marijuana over a four-year period.

‘El Chapo’ was extradited to Brooklyn to face a 17-count criminal indictment

Moreover, the indictment accuses Veytia of collaborating with and protecting members of the ruthless Jalisco New Generation Carte (CJNG) in Nayarit, which according to intelligence reports is primarily a “transit territory” for drug shipments.

In 2011, Veytia even survived an assassination attempt carried out by the Sinaloa Cartel, a rival of the CJNG.

The U.S. government seeks the forfeiture of assets totaling 250 million dollars, a figure comparable to that claimed by some of the biggest Mexican drug lords.

Veytia’s arrest has sent shockwaves throughout Mexico’s political establishment.

As Nayarit Attorney General, Veytia developed a reputation for his crime-fighting acumen, which even prompted a corrido, boasting him as the “terror” of criminals and the “lawyer with a pistol on his belt.”

Veytia once boasted that “his state would never be home to narcos.”

The arrest of Edgar Veytia (pictured) is a huge embarrassment for Mexico (Photo by Reuters)

A close and trusted confidant of Nayarit Governor Roberto Sandoval, Veytia was also a power broker of sorts within the PRI, the same political party as Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto.

Veytia helped finance the campaigns of several prominent politicians including the 2015 re-election of Jaime Rodríguez ‘El Bronco,’ the governor of Nuevo León.

Sandoval expressed his shock and dismay at Veytia’s arrest in an interview with El Universal.

“Before Monday, I would have put my hands in the fire for him,” Sandoval stated. “This fell on me like a bomb because, for me, New York and Nayarit are like two different worlds. Edgar Veytia was not facing any charges in Mexico.”

Veytia was also the likely pick to succeed Sandoval as governor.

His arrest is the latest embarrassment and indication of the widespread corruption, which has continued to enervate Mexico’s government.

El Chapo is interrogated at an undisclosed location following his extradition to the U.S. in January.

As for Guzman, law enforcement officials say he is a treasure trove of information on the cartel’s vast operations but would be more likely to snitch on corrupt politicians and rival drug cartels in Mexico rather than members of his Sinaloa Cartel.

Former U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration official Larry Villalobos, who had a face to face meeting with ‘El Chapo’ back in 1998 while he was still incarcerated, agrees with that assessment.

“He’s always going to try to cut another deal, he’s looking at lots of time in the United States,” Villalobos expressed in an interview last year following Guzman’s apprehension with NBC News.

Moreover, Villalobos maintains that Guzman’s extensive knowledge of the Sinaloa Cartel’s vast network of corrupt Mexican officials it maintains on its payroll could be invaluable.

“He has knowledge of 30 years of drug wars in Mexico; he’s been involved in all, including which top politicians, law enforcement, and military officials have been corrupted by the various Mexican drug cartels, and how that corruption has worked as a deterrent against U.S. counter-narcotics operations,” Villalobos said.

García Soto says the detention of Veytia could be only the beginning, politicians and entrepreneurs in Mexico, who are either part of the networks of operation and act as extra layers of protection, are starting to get nervous.

“If Veytia was detained with information provided by Joaquín Guzmán Loera to the US authorities, it means ‘El Chapo’ has already begun singing, and many more officials in Mexico will be exposed for their corrupt ties to drug cartels,” Garcia Soto wrote.

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